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Cowon iAudio and D2 Unveiled

iAudio 7D2

The Korean company Cowon has released two MP3 players at an attempt to compete with the big Apple. Its iAudio 7 can hold up to 8 GB of Flash memory for 60 hours of play, features IU, swing touch,  an alert beep, 3-D sound effects and can be preset for up to 10 JetEffects. The 1.3-inch screen displays up to 260,000 colors and seven lines of text. The D2, with its 2.5-inch, 16 million color, 24 bit touch screen can hold up to 16 GB with an SD card, loves going to the movies, and comes with a touchpen, stylus, and kickstand.  Both support MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and WAVs and have FM radio/record. The MSRP for the iAudio 7 is available for 299,000 KRW (~$316.00) while the Cowon D2 can be yours for 329,000 KRW (~$348.00.)


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