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Apple working on hybrid E-Ink LCD display?

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Apple e-ink hybrid lcd

One of the features Amazon champions on its Kindle e-reader is the black-and-white E Ink screen, which puts less stress on the eye than the iPad or iPhone's LCD screen. A recent patent application, however, suggests that Apple is looking to produce a device with a hybrid E Ink-LCD screen.

Not only that, Apple's hybrid screen might have the ability to split into quadrants, with some segments displaying images via LCD and others displaying via E Ink. That, according to Patently Apple "would work very nicely with Apple's proposed use of Spaces on future iOS devices."

Specifically, Apple's patent covers a system for switching between an electronic paper display and a video display based on visual content.

"Based on the one or more features, the control circuitry could selectively enable the device's electronic paper display or the device's video display," Patently Apple said.

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Chameleon Guitar

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There is a new guitar in town, sort of. The Chameleon Guitar takes on almost any style with an internal computer. By swapping part of the soundboard it changes the acoustics. For example, adjusting the hybrid instrument can make a classical-sounding guitar turn electric. Amit Zoran and his team from MIT will keep working on the prototype and envision music companies developing their own soundboards and new instruments.

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Chevy Volt Already has Waiting List

GM-Volt logoLyle Dennis, a big Chevrolet Volt fan, has released details from his website GM-Volt that says over 33,000 drivers intend to buy the electric car when it comes out in 2010. The report said that potential buyers were mostly in California, Texas, Florida, and Michigan, as well as 46 other countries at a price of ~$40,000.00. We saw the Volt at last year’s NAIAS in Detroit, and although the lithium-ion battery pack run vehicle (that goes as far as 40 miles per charge) was not much in terms of eye candy, we just hope that enough Michiganders will keep it in mind as SUVs are currently still the main vehicle here. Visit Dennis’ site for details and a link to the Wait List.

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HumanCar Is Hybrid Transportation


They may look a bit strange, but each of Charles Greenwood’s HumanCars is a hybrid electric vehicle with an exoskeletal safety cage chassis, dual electric motors, a variable human power input, patented Body-Steering chassis and SyncGuideway compatibility as standard equipment. You can also go for optional GPS, iPod plug-in, and power windows, locks, mirrors, and wipers. HumanCars are available in three models, the FM4 Troublemaker, the Rod, and the LMV Imagine. At a base price of $15,000.00, you can pre-order for their 2008 Earthday debut this April.

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NAIAS 2008: Saturn Aura Hybrid

Saturn Aura

Saturn seemed to be one of the few companies that decided to put some foresight into their cars, especially the concepts. We were struck by the uniqueness of the display of the Hybrid Aura, which apparently charges its battery with pre-kinetic energy while braking, at least thats what the nearby video explains. We just wanted to know how this ordinary looking car caught our attention just by the special effects on the display. Check another shot out after the jump.

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