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Courtney Love Flips Out at Hotel

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Courtney LoveCourtney Love "flipped out" and at a hotel in New York on Sunday.

The Hole singer was disturbed as she took part in interactive play Forgotten, and had to run for the exit, according to the New York Post. Courtney was at the city's McKittrick Hotel, where she was immersed in a dramatic rendition of writer Jay McInerney's new play. According to sources, the immersive experience started with Courtney and other guests walking "down a long hallway." They then proceeded into "different rooms with nearly identical blond models in pink nighties" who were "taking pills, writhing on a couch or smoking cigarettes."

Even though the people in the rooms were all actors, this quickly became too much for Courtney, and she fled from the hotel. Also at the evening were Brooke Shields, painter Will Cotton and Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell.

Rocker Courtney is no stranger to erratic behavior in hotels, and was in 2010 refused a stay at Claridge's in London after she managed to set fire to her suite on a previous stay.

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AirBed and Breakfast Replaces Costly Hotels

You finally cleaned out that spare room that housed all the junk and sold it on eBay. What to do with the space now? List it for free on AirBed and Breakfast. Then when some weary traveler needs a room for the night you can make a bit of cash. The site lists over 600 cities in 68 countries. Whoever rents the room pays the site a surcharge so everybody is happy. We only had one problem with the concept. Do they screen renters or rentees? No matter. It is worth taking a peek for their video alone.


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Runtriz Hotel Evolution - Electronic Bellboy

Runtriz Hotel EvolutionAfter some test runs, the software company Runtriz has released the Hotel Evolution. Check into a place that features them, like the Malibu Beach Inn, and the staff will load the application on your iPhone or iPod touch or lend you a unit for your stay. Your room number is the password. Get your suit dry cleaned, arrange for a wake-up call, order room service, or call for extra shampoo. You can also check on local attractions or set the gadget to “Do Not Disturb.” Runtriz also offers touchscreens for bars and restaurants.

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