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Slippery Stage: David Cook’s Got it Bad

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American Idol 7 winner was in the midst of an upbeat rendition of “Hot for Teacher” when he took a bit of a tumble (view it at around 2 minutes into the above video). But though the Idol alum fell quite noticeably, he got right back up without missing a beat.

And Cook’s small mini-tumble still isn’t nearly so bad as ’s fall off the stage.

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Skinner and Krabapple: Caught!

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Principal Skinner Hot for Teacher

There are many reasons to love (although this writer was slightly disappointed with the big screen version). While the show is filled with broad strokes of humor, what makes it so special are the nuances of the characters. This is exemplified by the above action figure, aptly called “Hot for Teacher”, which captures Miss Krabapple and Principal Skinner, well, in action. Skinner’s look of horror—countered by Krabapple’s complete disdain—is absolutely dead-on. We can only imagine the look on Groundskeeper Willie’s face, as we’re assuming he’s the unfortunate one who opened the door.


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