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CES 2007 Video: Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

Okay, forget all the corporate-speak we have been getting on the issue. We went around and ask people wandering the floor at CES which format they liked and thought would win out in the end. We got quite a few interesting responses, many of which seeming to come from people who don’t even know that a format war even exists.


CES 2007 Video: Dolby Booth Tour

We stopped by the Dolby booth while at CES to take a look and listen to their latest and greatest technologies. Of course, we had the film crew in tow, and were able to capture a full tour of their booth. Check the video to find out the latest from Dolby, as well as some innovations that are coming down the pike.

Bleeding Edge 081: CES 2007 Video: Monster 5.1 SuperDisc DVD Music

The guys at Monster had a great new audio technology to show us when we met up with them at CES. It won’t come across in this video, but the sound that their SuperDisc DVDs put out is incredible. We demo the technology in this episode.

Bleeding Edge 078: CES 2007 Video: SlingCatcher Profiled by Sling Media

Dave Mathews of Sling Media spent a few minutes talking to us about the SlingCatcher, the soon-to-be-arriving content catcher from the company that brought us the Slingbox. The SlingCatcher focuses on catching the content available on your home network, be it on computers or other Sling Media products, allowing you to display that content on your television. Check the video for the full scoop.

CES 2007: HDTV Convergence STB Awarded Home Network CES Honors

HDTV STBUbicod has been awarded a CES 2007 Best of Innovation in Home Network honoree with its HDTV STB (set-top box.) Get the Internet anywhere in your home, remotely record your home entertainment center, utilize its live TV playback function, or plug it into your PC or laptop. You can also transfer multimedia files to other A/V devices and create a UTV photo slide show. Just don’t ask it to play the violin. The STB supports ATSC (U.S., Canada, Korea, Taiwan) and DVB-T/s (Europe,) and utilizes MPEG-4 encoding.

Check out the UMH700H’s demo and contact Ubicod for price and availability.

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Unboxing Live 004: Sumo Omni and Otto Beanbags

In episode 004 of Unboxing Live, we check out the Sumo Lounge Omni and Otto bean bags. This things are huge, comfortable, and virtually indestructable - all qualities we admire in a good woman

bean bag. The variety of colors available is wide, so you should be able to find something that fits your style over at the SumoLounge website.

Let us know what you think, or what you want us to unbox next!

Logtech Launches Harmony 670 Advanced Universal Remote

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Logitech Harmony 670

We have been big fans of Logitech’s Harmony line of universal remote controls, which means we are glad to see the release of the Harmony 670 remote. Improving upon the 659 by moving the DVR navigation controls to the center of the unit and color coding the one-touch activity buttons, the Harmony 670 is the mid-range peanut unit in the Harmony line. The remote features a monochrome screen and backlit keypad. Even better, this remote ships with the Harmony 7.0 software, which aims to make setting these bad boys up even easier than before. We will believe it when we see it.

What confuses us is that the 670 retails for $149.99 USD. We figure, at that price, why not just spend the extra $30 and get the Harmony 720, which gives you a larger, full color screen with rechargeable battery and charging cradle? But, whatever.

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