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Time Warner Cable says it is willing to allow Apple to build its new UI

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Apple Time Warner TV

It's only a matter time before cable providers see the error of their ways, and Time Warner Cable might be ahead of the curve. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable provider is thinking of ceding control of its cloud based television services to device makers like Apple, with the provision that it will not give up its relationship with subscribers. The deal is in the details and perhaps Time Warner senses a shift in the current go-to-market-strategy and wants a leg up in negotiations.

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Bart Simpson: Scientology Recruiter?

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Tonight, Bart Simpson is the subject of controversy…and it was for something he actually didn’t do.

, the woman behind the iconic cartoon character, recently used her talents for something not exactly sanctioned by FOX. In the clip above, the long-time Scientologist lent her voice - and Bart’s - in an automated call used to promote a Scientology event.

“This is not authorized by us,” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told the Hollywood Reporter. “ does not, and never has, endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars.”

It’s not known what actions, if any, the network may take against Cartwright or the organization at this time.

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Is Maguire Gearing Up for Two Spidey Sequels?

Tobey MaguireHad you asked me last year whether I saw another Spider-Man in ‘s future, I would have easily said “No.” Thank goodness, I didn’t put any money down on that.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the chances of Maguire of participating in two more sequels are actually quite strong. Maguire and director are reportedly very close to sealing new deals with Columbia Pictures.

This news comes months after a premiere date was announced by the studio. Back in June, producer Laura Ziskin said she would like to see a fourth installment in theaters on Memorial Day 2011.

Assuming casting is determined soon, Columbia may opt to schedule back-to-back productions as early as fall 2009.

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Mixed Reviews for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The U.S. premiere of is still 3 days away, but an audience at Cannes got its first glimpse yesterday.  Here’s a sampling of the reviews being posted by critics today: