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7 hot holiday gaming gifts for 2012

XBox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Video games are always a hot item, with kids and adults alike wanting to get in on the action. We've put together eith different video game-related gifts that you pick pick up for your loved ones this holiday season, and we did our best to find something for everybody, starting with the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect holiday bundle. If you know someone who doesn't yet have an Xbox 360, then this is the one to get. They get the Kinect accessory included in the box, along with Disneyland Adventures and Kinect Adventures, two fun games. You can pick this one up for $249.99. Read on for the rest of our list!

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Justin Bieber Spotted on Vacation with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Young and cougar hearts alike are breaking everywhere. The bad news is that Justin Bieber is taken. The good news is that his girlfriend isn't Kim Kardashian.

The teenage pop star was photographed this past New Year's weekend with Selena Gomez, looking a little more than friends. When previously asked about their relationship, Bieber called Gomez "an amazing person." Well, images don't lie -- it'll be tricky covering up their romance now.

Check out more photos of the pair snuggling up in the Caribbean after the jump.

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VIDEO: Wilson Phillips Holiday Album Teaser

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Hold on -- Wilson Phillips has some new tracks for you to enjoy.

All three original members - Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips - have reunited for a new holiday album.

Sample the new songs from Christmas in Harmony by listening to the video above.

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Mystery Donation Brings Christmas Cheer to Salvation Army … and Many More

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The first Salvation Army kettle fundraiser was conducted way back in 1891, providing Christmas meals to thousands who otherwise would have had little to enjoy. Today, the bell-ringers are visible on street corners from New York City to Hawaii.

Many of us throw in loose change, a dollar bill or two, on our way into the grocery or department store. But one person made a surprising anonymous donation that has captured national media attention … and helped proved to millions that the Christmas spirit is, indeed, alive and well. covered the story in the video clip above.

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VIDEO: A Lady Gaga Christmas Album?

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“If I’m good, I’ll get my gift. I wanna take a ride with old St. Nick…”

If she’s willing to write songs for Michael Bolton, is a holiday CD really such a ridiculous thought?

In this commercial for her Ra-Ga-Ga Christmas album, you can hear “Lady Gaga” perform several new tracks including “Bad Snowmans,” “Love Sleigh” and “Ho Ho Ho-ker Face.”

Those who pre-order will also get a special Hanukkah offering from “Taylor Swift.”

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Beyonce Knowles: I Just Sacrificed Life

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Beyonce KnowlesSinger and actress Beyonce Knowles said she has sacrificed her entire life in becoming successful.

The “Single Ladies” singer said that the pressures of celebrity have taken everything away from her that would allow her to enjoy a normal lifestyle.

“I just sacrificed life. Being able to walk down the street and being able to make mistakes and not have it recorded for ever. Being able to have regular relationships and dates. Just regular, normal things that people probably don’t even think about. Sometimes it’s hard.”

Beyonce, 28, also said that during her career - which has so far spanned 14 years recording with Destiny’s Child and as a solo artist - she has hardly ever had any chance to take a break. She added, “I haven’t had longer than a couple of months off ever in my life, since I was 15. But I was raised that anything that’s worth anything takes a lot of sacrifice. And when anything is too easy for me I get scared.”

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Lindsay Lohan Held at Gunpoint

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Lindsay Lohan may need to kick her addictionsMost likely due to the mass amount of hate directed at her over the Ungaro debacle, Lindsay Lohan was threatened by a gunman on holiday over the weekend.

The Mean Girls actress was left shaken following the terrifying encounter during a break to Morocco - only to discover the weapon being brandished was fake.

She revealed on her Twitter page: “Umm-OMFG! I was walking ahead with the security guard and some guy was following me, then pulled up in his car and pointed a GUN at me! I was on the phone w/my mum and i screamed and ducked and the guy started laughing and pushed the trigger and it was a fake gun..I was crying..he scared me. (sic)”

In a probably not-so-unrelated story, 23-year-old Lindsay’s father Michael has demanded she go into rehab, insisting she needs help for an addiction to painkillers.

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Contest: MUG Root Beer Giveaway

MUG root beer fathers day giveaway
We’re less than a week out from Father’s day, and I can smell the charcoal already. While some may head out to a nice steakhouse for a special dinner for Dad, tons of us will be gathered around a grill doing it ourselves. My friends at Mug Root Beer want to help make all of this summer’s BBQs a culinary triumph for you.

From today until Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, comment on this entry about your most memorable “Dad” moment. Did your dad show up to the aforementioned steakhouse in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops? Maybe your friend’s dad stepped in to save the day when a road trip went bad, or your uncle’s BBQ went up in a blaze of meat glory. I want to hear about it! I’ll be choosing five of the most memorable BBQ stories that you all share and the winners will each receive a prize pack, containing the fantastic recipe for MUG Root Beer Southern Specialty Brew-B-Q sauce (and the sauce is awesome - I was given a copy of the recipe and made some last night) and all of the ingredients to boot, in an insulated MUG bag with a MUG apron.

Lay’em on me guys - I want to hear your Dad stories!

Box Office Breakdown: Audiences Say Yes to Jim Carrey

Yes Man

How will remember Winter Solstice 2008? As the weekend he placed second.

Prior to Friday’s premieres, number crunchers were already predicting a close race between headliners Jim Carrey and Will Smith. Unfortunately for Warner Bros., ‘s ultimate victory felt slightly hollow. The comedy’s $18.2 million gross was nowhere near the figures Carrey used to generate. (Bruce Almighty‘s premiere earned $68 million in 2003; Liar Liar took in $31.4 million in 1997.) Yes did, though, do better than 2005’s Fun with Dick and Jane. (That film raked in $14.1 million during its open.)

Will Smith didn’t have much to celebrate over the last three days either. His latest film, , only took in $14.8 million. That’s a number almost unheard of in Smith-land. The drama, directed by Pursuit of Happyness’ Gabriele Muccino, was the actor’s lowest grosser since Ali. (That film earned $14.7 million when it debuted in December 2001.)

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Box Office Breakdown: The Day The Earth Stood Still Stands Tall

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Mediocre reviews couldn’t keep from vaulting into first place this weekend.

The sci-fi remake starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly earned $30.5 million over the last three days, more than doubling the take of its nearest competitor. Although Earth had the smallest debut for a #1 film since October 17th (when Max Payne grossed $17.6 million), the Fox feature only cost a reported $80 million to make. It was also the studio’s best open since Horton Hears a Who unfolded in back in March.

The only other new entries in this week’s Top Ten were Nothing Like the Holidays and . Holidays took in $3.5 million and scored itself a 7th place finish. Meanwhile, Milk - which had actually reached #10 before - reentered the charts at #9.

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