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Helmet Dawg HD100 motorocycle helmet gives you the Batman look

Helmet Dawg HD100 batman

Look, we realize that some people prefer not to wear motorcycle helmets because they'd rather not look like a doofus (although, that has the opposite effect!), but now you can cruise in style with the Dark Motorcycle Helmet from Helmet Dawg. I mean, look at it. You basically look like Batman, riding through your city in style as children stare in awe at the sight of The Dark Knight passing them by. Comfort features are built in, what with removable liners, multiple adjustable vents, and interchangeable clear and tinted visors. If that's not cool enough, the two points are even flexible as well, so you can manage just how menacing you want to look to the evil-doers around you. You can pick up the Helmet Dawg HD100 helmet now for $325. Having a woman in a cat suit riding with you is completely optional.

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Stress Relief with the Super Head Relax Massager

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Super Head Relax

With a name like “Super Head Relax,” we’re sooooo tempted to make a Karrine Steffans joke, but we’ll let you handle the double entendres. Anyway, Super Head Relax is a helmet-like massager that feels like “tiny fingers” are kneading your noggin, alleviating the stress and headaches of the day. Love it! Comes with a rechargeable battery and AC Adapter. While the ebsite advocates wearing it at work or in the car, we think that’s a tad much, unless you’re really into resembling Optimus Prime. Available for the rather pricey $248 USD.


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Future Clothing To Be Functional

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Electric Vest

Scientists are now experimenting with what our clothing will look like and, more importantly, do for us in the years to come. For example, some day we will be able to charge our iPods with body energy converted to electricity. Other futuristic products include clothing made of self-cleaning material that doesn’t require much washing, outfits made with carbon nanofibers that act as armor, soft helmets that turn hard in case of a crash, and wool that doesn’t itch or shrink. Finally, there is experimentation with byproducts such as chicken feathers or rice straw being turned into material to cut down on petroleum-based synthetic fabrics. We guess that means that you can double your clothing as pillows or sleeping bags, should the need arise.


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