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Lady Gaga Celebrates Hello Kitty’s Birthday in Style

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Lady Gaga dons the iconic red bow

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday, the always-stylish Lady Gaga starred in a very eccentric photo shoot for the famous cat. True to nature, Gaga is pantsless in the images!

Photographed by Markus Klinko and Indrani, Gaga emulates Marilyn Monroe in one photo (seen after the jump) and dons a gown comprised of stuffed Hello Kitty toys atop a majestic throne in another. Fans of the iconic feline and/or the fashionable singer can get their paws on the photos when they appear in a reissue of Gaga’s album The Fame.

As anyone can attest to my Hello Kitty infatuation, even I find the photos fairly creepy (creative nonetheless!).

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Hello Kitty Mangekyo Projector/Kaleidoscope

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HK Projector/Kaleidoscope

We don’t know why we continue to show you Hello Kitty stuff, when deep down inside we are screaming “Mommy make it stop!” This time it is a U-Mate Mangekyo Projector/Kaleidoscope that will plaster the face all over your wall or ceiling. The gadget has a speed adjustment and timer, is customizable with beaded inserts and cartridges, and can double as a lamp with its cover on. Available in a limited edition, this HK can invade your private space for $215.00.


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Hello Kitty Epson Endeavor Laptop

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Hello Kitty Laptop

Sanrio drags out another Hello Kitty creation with its new laptop. The Epson Endeavor NH2100 has a 15.4-inch TFT WXGA display, Intel’s Celeron 540(1.86GHz) CPU, Windows Vista Home Premium, 1GB RAM, 80GB ATA/5400rpm HDD, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, and IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN and Ethernet connectivity. Choose one of the two model designs and expect to pay 147,000 yen ($1,410.00) towards the end of the month in Japan. We wonder if Paris Hilton will want one after reading that she had a Hello Kitty Doll designed with her likeness.


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Sanrio Targets Male Customer Base

Men's Hello Kitty Line

Say it ain’t so! In one of the last bastions of all things fem, Sanrio has found it fitting to create Hello Kitty products for young men after a Limited Edition collection proved popular. Included in the assortment will be t-shirts, watches, bags, and other articles in decidedly masculine shades of black and blue. No matter what the color, Sanrio seems confident that it will sell in Japan next month and not long after in other Asian countries and the U.S. Even with its slightly revamped image, you still have to be comfortable with yourself to wear one of these items, male or female.


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Hello Kitty Runs Amok

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Hello Kitty

Hanil has learned to appreciate the value of Hello Kitty. After they retained a licensed contract from Sanrio, they began designing a whole range of gadgets that includes a humidifier, mixer, fan, toaster, ice crusher, blender, and a coffee pot, just to name a few. The only thing more unsettling than seeing a kitchen full of Hello Kitty appliances is the fact that there are those who want them. Hamil reports that they plan to expand their line in the future because sales are purrfectly fine.


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