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Marvel Comics Review: Captain America: Reborn #1

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Marvel Comics


Rating: *** 1/2 *
Captain America: Reborn is here!  Ed Brubaker’s soon to be classic run on Captain America continues with this mini-series which will return Steve Rogers to land of the living, but did he ever really die in the first place?
In Captain America #600 we saw that Sharon Carter recovered the gun that she used to kill Steve.  However, it appears that this is no ordinary gun and Steve Rogers was not killed, but instead he’s – somewhere else right now.
Ed Brubaker wastes no time in revealing what happened to Steve and how he will end up returning to the Universe.
It seems that the gun that Sharon used to “kill” Steve was part of a larger weapon that the Red Skull and Arnim Zola had borrowed from Dr. Doom.  The weapon was a variation of Doom’s time platform.  After the assassination, Sharon Cater was then strapped to the machine by Zola and the Skull to be used as a homing beacon of sorts in order to retrieve Steve’s body.  Sharon was able to retrieve some of her senses and fought back which resulted in Steve becoming stuck in time and space.  So where is he?  He’s in the past.

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4-in-1 Emergency Tool/Flashlight

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Transportation

Tool FlashlightThis 4-in-1 Emergency Tool features 9 flashing LEDs to warn others of your peril, a glass break hammer, a white bulb flashlight on its top and a seatbelt cutter. Think of it as extreme mini-jaws of life. The device is waterproof and comes with 2 AA batteries. It attaches to any metal surface with the magnet on its bottom. The tool has a special holiday price of $18.95 with free shipping, less if you order in quantity.

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