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Hammacher Schlemmer offers first voice-activated coffee maker

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Hammacher Schlemmer offers first voice-activated coffee machine

Famous gadget distributor Hammacher Schlemmer is offering something for the “coffee achievers” (or baby boomers?) with the world’s first voice-automated coffee maker.

This is the first voice-interactive coffee maker that asks, “Would you like to set the clock or set the coffee brewing time?” and operates in response to your verbal commands. Simply saying, “Set the coffee brewing time,” or “Set the clock,” will prompt the machine to reply, “Please say the time, including AM or PM.” It uses an advanced voice recognition system to identify any time of day you speak, eliminating the hassle of fussing with buttons.

That’s right, no more fooling around with buttons or other confusing controls.  The coffee maker is capable of 10 cups a time, and you can remove the carafe during a brewing to pour yourself that cup of joe.  You can pick this one up for $99.95.

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GPS Homing Device Leads You Back To Where You Started

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GPS Homing DeviceIf you’re anything like several people we know and get lost in your own driveway, we’ve found a new device to help get you oriented. Hammacher Schlemmer’s keychain GPS Homing Device promises to take you back to a predetermined starting point (within five yards). Say you’ve parked your car in the giant parking lot at the mall and come stumbling out with armloads of new purchases - if you pressed one of two simple buttons to set the location of your car, this little wonder fob will tell you exactly in which direction you need to go.

At $79.95 for the water resistant, drink coaster sized unit which includes a self-calibrating digital compass and a lanyard, we’re more inclined to suggest that you get a “more complicated,” fully functional portable GPS unit for a few dollars more. And, if along with being directionally challenged, you have a habit of losing your keys, this is definitely not the device for you…

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Hammacher Schlemmer Charcoal Starter

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech,

Charcoal StarterHammacher Schlemmer is thinking summer with their new Charcoal Starter with cool-touch handle. Needing no lighter fluid, it shoots out hot air at 1,290º F. Plug into a nearby wall outlet, push the button, and your charcoal will ignite within 60 seconds. At a size of 19-3/4 x 4-inches and a weight of 2 1/4 lbs., it comes with an integrated stand for $79.95. During the winter, you can use it to light up your fireplace, and we are pretty sure you could play Olympics if you have a long enough extension cord.

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Estes Launches Digital Video Rocket

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Estes Video Rocket Cam

Imagine being able to create Google Earth in your own neighborhood. Estes, our fave rocket folks from the time we were old enough to fly them, are finally getting into the technology game. Their Digital Video Rocket can shoot footage from as high as 500 feet in the air. It is capable of recording a 12 second video at 640 x 280 pixel resolution or can capture up to 3 pictures per flight for a total storage of 15 images.

Connect the flying cam to your PC with included USB cable to download video and images. The injection-molded plastic rocket also comes with a launch pad, software, a controller (batteries not included,) and two sets of L1194 button cells. Also not included are C6-C5 engines which can be purchased for $9.95 per 3-pack. At a size of 16 x 3-inches, the rocket will be available for delivery around the third week of this month for $59.95.

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This Karoake Player Saves Performances

i-SingIt’s bad enough to listen to your buds singing karaoke, now you can experience the anguish countless times if they have this I-Sing that displays lyrics and records their voices to create MP3 files. The player also supports WMA and WAV files and features a built-in mic, speaker,  headphone jack, SD/MMC card slot, and can store up to 512 MB (~120 three minute tunes.) Its battery is good for about five hours and requires 4 hours of recharge time. There is also a USB port (cable included) and software for Internet downloading. Find yours at Hammacher Schlemmer for $119.95

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Trade Your Uncomfortable Earbuds In for a Pillow

Mi Pillow

Mi Pillow contains integrated speakers with a built-in amp and can connect to your iPod, PMP, or CD player. There is a volume and music control in the “ear pillow.”  The exterior is composed of fleece and the interior is made with therapeutic foam with a pocket to hold three AA batteries (not included.) The comfortable 4 3/4 x 22 x 11-inch substitute for earbuds seems to be a fine solution for those long car treks for $59.99. Preorder the Mi Pillow from Hammacher Schlemmer for a late August ship date.


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