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PHOTO: Justin Bieber Finally Changes His Hair

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, Hairstyles,

Justin Bieber's new hair

While his surprise guest appearance on Saturday Night Live revealed that he had returned to his trademark hair style, Justin Bieber sported a different look last Friday.

Behind the scenes at his Rolling Stone shoot, Bieber offered up this updo to his Twitter fans. What do you think of his Robert Pattinson hair?

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Emily Blunt Goes Blonde

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, Hairstyles,

Emily Blunt goes blonde

British actress Emily Blunt appeared in London to premiere both her latest movie, Gnomeo and Juliet, and her new hair color.

Normally a brunette with the occasional red highlights, Blunt has become known for her striking dark features paired with her light complexion.

While I prefer her brunette locks, I can't say that she doesn't look great wearing the lighter ones! What do you think of her new look?

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Khloe Kardashian is in the Red

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, Hairstyles,

Khloe Kardashian sought out a new look for the new year by transforming her brunette locks to red.

"So far I love it! It’s fun! Different. And I have never been red before so why not? I wanted to stand out for a little bit," Khloe said.

While I'm not sure if her red hair is enough to stand out against her sister Kim's cornrows, the look is very fresh on her -- a little color is nice during these winter months. It also, obviously, gives her upcoming reality show something to talk about.

"This is the time for Khloe. She is starting her own show with her husband, Lamar, and this is separate from Keeping Up [With the Kardashians], so we thought, perfect!" said her hairstylist Clyde Haygood.

Most importantly, does she get the husband seal of approval from Lamar Odom? "Lamar said for me to go redder -- he loves it!"

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Items Du Jour: Kim Kardashian on Glamour, Lady Gaga Tops Magazine Sales

Kim Kardashian on Glamour-- Lady Gaga scored the highest number of monthly and bi-weekly magazines sold. Not surprisingly, the Rolling Stones cover with a nice view of her rear end sold 245,000 copies -- three times the magazine's 2010 average. Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were the worst-selling celebrities.

-- Elle magazine's parent company Lagardere is in talks with Hearst (Harper's Bazaar publisher) to sell all 40-plus foreign editions of the fashion glossy (sans the original French version) as soon as the end of the month. Lagardere claims it will keep full editorial control, despite whatever happens in the sale.

-- Kim Kardashian covers Glamour in pajamas, which she makes look incredibly sexy, despite what she says in her interview: "I don’t find myself as sexy as everyone thinks. I’m a lot more insecure than people would assume, but with little stupid things." This must explain why she constantly poses nude or in skin-tight outfits.

-- Androgynous model Andrej Pejic stars in the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign, alongside Ginta Lapina. One can actually detect that he's most likely a guy in the photo.

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Quote of the Day: Kate Moss Cuts Her Hair Out of Boredom

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, Hairstyles, Models, News,

"I got bored one night and cut it -- with kitchen scissors."

-- Supermodel Kate Moss explains the reasoning behind her much-talked about bangs.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Erin O’Connor Grateful For Short Hair

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Hairstyles, Health & Beauty, Models,

Erin O'Connor on the runwayErin O'Connor only became a successful model after cutting off all her hair.

The 32-year-old beauty says she wasn't getting very many jobs when she first started out in the industry because she looked so similar to the other girls, so took advice and chopped off her long locks.

"When I first began modeling I was very conventional looking - I had hair down to my waist. I went on a photo shoot and a make-up artist told me 'You need to cut off your hair - it's doing you no favors. If you do that we'll see you.' A new identity was born for me - quite tough, quite unapologetic but definitely there."

Erin recently revealed she has no plans to retire from the catwalk, despite being one of the more older models. "I hate that idea of retirement or 'You're past your sell-by-date.' That is very odd, because, for me, it is about moving, showcasing and being an outrageous poser. You'd think after 15 years I would be bored, but I'm not. The catwalk is like liberation, because there is a bit of performance involved, a bit of skill thrown in, so it doesn't matter what age you are."

Items Du Jour: PETA vs. Victoria Beckham, Lily Cole Ditches Red Hair

-- Supermodel Eva Herzigova is expecting her second child with her partner Gregorio Marsiaj. The couple already have 3 year-old son George who appears on the Fall/Winter 2010 cover and editorial of Vogue Niños España with his 37 year-old mom.

-- English model and actress Lily Cole has ditched her signature red locks for a darker look. While she looks good in anything, I do miss her red hair!

-- In his first television interview since his infamous MTV VMA Taylor Swift outburst, Kanye West showed off his diamond teeth to Ellen DeGeneres. No, it is not a grill. Yes, they are now his real teeth.

-- Despite initial reports that PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was planning an attack on Victoria Beckham for using animal skin in her new line, PETA has since denied the claims... for now.

-- Inez and Vinoodh shoots Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Nippon's December issue. Too bad Sasha looks like a woodland creature trying to pass as a leprechaun.

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Charlie Le Mindu Sends Naked Models Down Runway

Charlie Le Mindu Spring/Summer 2011

We’ve seen some bizarre runway looks over the past year. Now wigmaker and Lady Gaga favorite Charlie Le Mindu is sending his own fashion shock waves by sending his models down the catwalk in their birthday suits for his Spring/Summer 2011 line.

While nudity is nothing new to the fashion industry (heck, many times, it’s embraced!), there are usually clothes involved—sheer, in most cases. This Frenchman, however, clearly wanted to highlight the hat, purse, and platform boots the nude models wore.

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Items Du Jour: Nicole Richie Sues Kitson, Anne Hathaway Cuts Her Hair, H&M Teases

Miranda Kerr on Vogue Italia—Reality star-turned-fashion designer Nicole Richie is having difficulty with some of the stores her line is carried in. Majestic Mills, the company who owns her line Winter Kate, is going after Kitson for $240,000 worth of product given and not yet paid for.

—Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman gave birth to her first daughter, India Pearl, on Sunday night. This is Chapman’s first child with Hollywood producer husband Harvey Weinstein.

—Steven Meisel shot Miranda Kerr and her puppy for Vogue Italia. Does the puppy’s cuteness trump the cover’s 3-D-ness?

—For years, Anne Hathaway has proudly flashed her flowing, long brunette hair. Now the actress has chopped it off for a film role. What do you think of her new ‘do?

—Corrine Day, the fashion photographer noted for propelling Kate Moss’ career with their FACE editorial in 1990, passed away on Friday after a battle with brain cancer.

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Did Emma Watson Cut Hair for Dragon Tattoo Role?

Emma Watson before and after haircut

Emma Watson’s daring new haircut may have been about more than just liberation.

According to reports, the Harry Potter actress recently chopped off her luscious locks to help land the role of Lisbeth Salander in , the big screen adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novel. (The project is also a remake of the Swedish 2009 entry.)

“Emma has auditioned with director and cut her hair to look the part,” a source said. “The character of Lisbeth is a misfit with spiky hair.”

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