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Nintendo DS Hard Drive Hack

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Mods/Hacks, Nintendo DS,

DS Hard drive hackFor those Nintendo DS homebrew developers out there looking for just a little more space for their projects, Natrium42, creator of the PassMe homebrew enabling device has a new hardware hack on his blog. By hacking a GBA Movie Player CompactFlash interface, Natrium42 was able to add a 40 GB hard drive to his Nintendo DS. Now, the solution is hardly an idea portable solution with all the extraneous equipment and power required, but this is an interesting hack. Sure, people could buy the 4 GB Max Media Player for the DS, but this hack is a whole order of magnitude larger.

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Free Mobile Web Hack on Verizon Wireless

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Cell Phones,

Verizon Wireless Mobile Web HackCheck it out, you can now use Mobile Web on your Verizon Wireless phone, and not pay the $4.99 per month charge to Verizon to do so. In fact, this is a perfectly legal alternative, because you are simply using a different server than the one Verizon Wireless provides. This hack works for any Verizon Wireless phone that supports Mobile Web 1.0 - 2.0. All you need to do is go into the setup menu and make a couple of changes.

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EDIT: I should have been more clear. Use MobileWEB4U to find out how to access the appropriate menu on your phone where you change servers. Once you find the menu, enter a proxy server. You can find one at http://www.publicproxyservers.com.

You must also enter both the proxy server address as well as the port it uses. If you don’t have both, it won’t work.