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Guitar Hero player enters Guinness World Records, Rush still shunned from Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

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From the Department of Plastic Instruments, we present you this little nugget of wondrousness: While you were struggling with a bag of cheese doodles, 14-year-old Danny Johnson entered the Guinness Book of World Records by scoring an astounding 973,954 points on “Through The Fire and the Flames”, the song infamous as a destroyer of worlds and eater of babies. It’s a 99% attempt, which is less than previous title holder Chris Chike’s astounding 100% run-through (see above video), but it IS possible to get a higher score with careful Star Power placement. Hit the jump for the full press release.

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Guinness Book of World Records - Gamer’s Edition

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Guinness Gamer Edition 2009Serious gamers, Guinness is about to publish their second annual Gamer’s Edition of their “Book of World Records.” Available February 4 for $21.95, it should feature reviews, spreads, interviews, tips and cheats. Last year’s included odd records, gaming trivia and such tidbits as

“The largest voice cast for a video game was 339 actors for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Get one to impress your friends before they do.

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Firefox Download World Record Confirmed

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Firefox logoThe word is out that Mozilla has officially set a record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period. The official number is 8,002,530 copies of Firefox 3 downloads.

“As the arbiter and recorder of the world’s amazing facts, Guinness World Records is pleased to add Mozilla’s achievement to our archives,” Gareth Deaves, Guinness’ records manager, said.

Microsoft has about 74% of the world market share for browsers while Firefox accounts for about 18%. We realize that this was conceived as a publicity stunt, but now that XP is retired, we expect that number will go up.

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Sunday Ratings:  Football-Free Night Helps ABC

A one-week break from football gave a few other networks to shine.  was tops in the demos while scored a victory with the viewers.

Ty Pennington


  • The two episodes of n (5.1/12 in 18-49) averaged 13.6 million.
  • A new episode of (2.0/5) bit off 11.1 million viewers.
  • Two episodes of (3.7/9) - one old, one new - averaged 7.6 million.
  • (0.4/1) actually broke the million mark (1.1 mill).

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This Week on TV (1/21-1/27)

Moment of Truth

(You can view the whole Revamped TV Programming Schedule here.)

MONDAY (1/21)
  • Prison Break (FOX, 8pm):  “T-Bag enlists Bellick to display his gladiatorial skills once again as the battle between Lechero and Sammy for control of Sona comes to a head.”  If they can’t beat , FOX will encourage its characters fight like ‘em.
  • Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (ABC, 8pm):  “Viewers cast their first vote for their favorite teams after they perform live song-and-dance routines.”  They’ve finally reached the phase I actually care about.
  • Wildfire (ABC Family, 9pm):  Season 4 premiere.  I have absolutely no idea what this show is about, but it sounds like a trashy romance novel.  Oh wait - this is a family channel.  Never mind.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, 9pm):  “John and Cameron try to fit in a new school.”  Is an education really the most important thing for John at this point?  Shouldn’t he be honing his street smarts or something?

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