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GPS Homing Device Leads You Back To Where You Started

Posted by Patrick Phelps Categories: GPS, Handhelds,

GPS Homing DeviceIf you’re anything like several people we know and get lost in your own driveway, we’ve found a new device to help get you oriented. Hammacher Schlemmer’s keychain GPS Homing Device promises to take you back to a predetermined starting point (within five yards). Say you’ve parked your car in the giant parking lot at the mall and come stumbling out with armloads of new purchases - if you pressed one of two simple buttons to set the location of your car, this little wonder fob will tell you exactly in which direction you need to go.

At $79.95 for the water resistant, drink coaster sized unit which includes a self-calibrating digital compass and a lanyard, we’re more inclined to suggest that you get a “more complicated,” fully functional portable GPS unit for a few dollars more. And, if along with being directionally challenged, you have a habit of losing your keys, this is definitely not the device for you…

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