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Watch this: The Dark Knight Rises trailer #3

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The Dark Knight Rises is set to be unleashed upon us on July 20, less than three months from now, and Warner Bros. just hit us with a new trailer. The two-minute spot is better than the first two that were released, and makes us salivate a bit more for the finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. Check it out.


DC Comics Review: Batman: Confidential #24

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Right now this is my favorite Batman story being published.  I was underwhelmed by Denny O’Neil’s “Last Days of Gotham” and I’m confused with what Grant Morrison is doing over in “Batman”.  So this story has been a nice cleansing of the palette.

As per my previous blog on this story arc, it’s written by Andrew Kreisberg; mostly known for writing various television shows over the past few years.  The story he’s crafted is fantastic.  It’s tight and each issue has ended with me wanting more.

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DC Comics Review: Batman #682

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Another issue of “Batman” by Grant Morrison that has me going, “What the #$@&?!!”  Although I’m a bit confused, I think I got a grasp of what’s going on.  I think. 

This is part one of the storyline “Last Rites”.  The solicitation for this issue reads, “In his last hours, Alfred the Butler tells the life story of the Batman as you’ve never seen it before in this two-part adventure, which bridges the gap between the events of “Batman R.I.P.” and FINAL CRISIS. Learn the secrets of Batman’s early years! Witness the nightmare of a Gotham City where Batman never existed!” 

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