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Changing The Present Helps Those Less Fortunate

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet,

Baby ChicksBefore you head to your nearest 7-11 or Walgreen’s for last minute holiday gifts, think about an inexpensive gift that will benefit more than your Uncle Bob. The site is appropriately named Changing the Present. For $14.00, you can support a land field mine survivor in the Middle East for a day. Send $20.00 and you can provide a family overseas with a small flock of baby chicks. It only takes $30.00 to feed a family in Bangladesh for an entire month. We love the idea that at this time of the year, we can give to others as well as ourselves.

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Giving Back to Schools

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Business, Personal,

I am all for giving back in anyway we can, especially to our education system because the teachers that work tirelessly to help mold our children into responsible, educated adults should not have to worry about such things as; do they have enough pencils, calculators, books, or any other supplies in order to teach their students successfully? When did our education system get to the point that these things are constant obstacles getting in the way of a teacher doing the job they were hired for? Instead, spending time worrying about who to convince to supply new books for the school library so their kids will be reading things that are relevant to our time now instead of 50 years ago?

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Fine Dining for a Great Cause

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Business, Personal,

FarestartLast Thursday my sister invited me out to dinner with her and a girlfriend--girl's night out--but as it happened, her husband stood in for the friend who could not make it last minute. We went to a restaurant in downtown Seattle called FareStart, not your typical restaurant in regards to where the night's profits will end up. Not to the wonderfully friendly wait-staff, as they are all volunteers, or to the Guest Chef of the night, as he, or she also volunteers their time. This restaurant that serves lunch Monday through Friday and a special dinner on Thursday nights hosted by local top chefs is a haven for former homeless adults wanting to learn a trade as well as crucial life skills that will get them back out into the workforce, back out into their communities with renewed confidence in themselves. FareStart says it best:

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