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Leonhardt Gunbus Motorcycle

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Leonhardt Gunbus

This is one mother of a bike. Clemens Leonhardt built what he calls the “world’s biggest motorcycle” at 3.47 meters in length and weighing 650 kg. The Leonhardt Gunbus has a 410-cubic inch, air-cooled, two-cylinder V-type engine. The tires, manufactured by Rigdon, are 38 x 11 and 42 x 15-inches. This is no prototype. Leonhardt not only plans to market them, he is working on a side car to go with his monstrosity. Contact the company for price and more details.


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Tom Cruise’s Strangely Missing Accent

Valkyrie cast

After viewing a teaser trailer for Valkyrie, I now see why Tom Cruise’s film may be in need of a few delays.

In this WWII movie, the actor plays Col. Claus von Stauffenberg - a German officer who plots to take down Adolf Hitler.  Granted, I haven’t seen the film yet, but I highly doubt the character ever took voice lessons by watching videos of Mission Impossible.

You can listen to his laughable performance after the jump.

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‘Valkyrie’ Debut Delayed

Tom Cruise Valkyrie, a movie already plagued with production issues, has just given us another reason to be wary.  It’s now been linked to two of the most cringe-inducing words in the film industry:  delayed release.  The biopic about a German officer who plotted to take down Adolf Hitler will now premiere October 3, 2008.  Valkyrie was originally slated to open June 27, unfortunately (The Usual Suspects) has yet to shoot an integral war scene.

So let’s now officially add ‘date change’ to the ever-growing list of problems.  (Items already noted include Scientology haters, destroyed footage and injured extras.)  I predict a fashion faux pas - or maybe even locusts - will trip things up next.

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‘The 13th Disciple’ Imagines Jesus’ Twin

Wooden CrossFrom The Ten Commandments (with ) to Passion of the Christ, Biblical movies are a long-standing Hollywood tradition. And right now is the perfect season to start thinking about Jesus Christ, right?

(a German movie-maker) will put a whole new twist on the age-old hero – he’s going to give Jesus an evil twin brother. Remember the movie where the Man of Steel had to face himself? Okay, imagine that…only in a really Bible-like way.

, to be set in modern India, focuses on two German archaeologists. Their mission? To determine whether or not Jesus ever visited the country.  During their quest, the twin archaeologists discover that Christ, too, had a twin—an evil one who has been reincarnated into the present-day.

Christ himself will not be a character in the flick, and the filmmakers say they do not intend to convey any sort of religious message with the fictional film.

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