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Deal of the Day: 4-week free Blockbuster Online (Blu-ray and games included!)

Blockbuster Total Access 4-week trial

We like today’s because it doesn’t really get much better than free. Today you can get a 4-week free trial to Blockbuster Total Access, the company’s Netflix competitor. What’s cool about this offer is that Blockbuster typically only allows for a 2-week trial, so this one is twice as long. Even better? They are including Blu-ray and video game rentals in the trial as well. So basically you get a free month of DVD, Blu-ray, and video game (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3) rentals by mail, and you get to keep 3 discs out at a time.

Get your free 4-week Blockbuster Total Access trial


Blockbuster Now Including Games Through Mail

Blockbuster Video Games

In a last ditch effort to keep up with their online counterpart , and those oh so convenient machines found at nearly every grocery store, Blockbuster started slanging their rentals via snail mail. However, with the video game market growing ever larger thanks to blockbusters of their own, such as Halo and Call of Duty, Blockbuster needed another ace in the hole in order to compete.

Enter Blockbuster’s new plan to counter the Gamefly epidemic. As of now, you will be able to order not just movies through the mail, but video games as well. This allows Playstation, Xbox 360, and Wii fanboys to get their fix without so much as leaving the couch. With this maneuver Blockbuster hopes to counter lackluster game sales they’ve been battling with, thanks to more relevant gaming outlets in the form of Gamestop and Gamefly. Of which the former offers an awesome trade-in system, and the latter specializes in mailing games directly to your house.

What do you think of Blockbuster’s “new” way to rent video games? Will you make Blockbuster your new priority for video game rentals, or will you stick to your old routine? If you wanna see how it all works, you can get a two-week Blockbuster Online free trial.

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Gamefly Adds Fast East Coast Shipping, More Availability Info

Gamefly Logo Living in SF, I’ve never had a problem with the turn-around times for getting new games from Gamefly. Since it only takes about 3 days between sending in my played games and getting my next game, I’ve found the 3-game plan to be more than worth its cost. Still, Gamefly was hampered by the fact that it only had one shipping facility, in Los Angeles, CA. That all changed this past week when Gamefly opened up their second shipping facility in Pittsburgh, PA. This warehouse will serve the east coast and some inland states, including “CT, DC, DE, IN, KY, MD, MI, NC, OH, PA, RI, TN, VA, and VW (sic)”. I can only assume that VW stands for Vest Wirginia.

In addition, Gamefly has been adding several other tweaks to their website, including an improved “availability” ranking in your GameQ. Items in your Q will now show whether the availability is “Now” (will ship immediately), or “High”, “Medium” or “Low”, or “Very Low”. High means there’s a 75% chance that your game will be available to ship, Medium 50%-75%, and Low 25%-50%, and Very Low 0%-25%.

Finally, Gamefly appears to be doing some work on improving their web interface. Games in your Q will now display a blue “In Q” button (instead of the standard “Rent it!” button) if a game is already in your Q. Unfortunately, the “In Q” button only shows up when you navigate to the specific game page, and does not appear on any list pages (a la NetFlix). Clicking on the “Rent it!” button for a game already in your Q still results in the annoying “This game is already in your Q!” pop-up box, but hopefully they’ll be fixing that soon.

Overall, some much welcomed improvements! Now, just find a way to ship me Guitar Hero 2 for rental, and I’ll be a happy camper 😉

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Rumor: Blockbuster To Start Renting DS Games

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Blockbuster LogoGiven that the little-two-screened-handheld that could has been topping the sales charts these days, I don’t see why Blockbuster hadn’t thought of this earlier… if current rumors prove true, then the video-rental mega-chain will start renting DS games in the near future. The rental price is rumored to be $4.99 for a week, which isn’t a terrible deal compared with services like Gamefly. Of course, if their DS selection ends up being anything like what I’ve seen for their other console selections, Blockbuster might not be your best bet for getting the latest, hottest games.

Blockbuster stopped renting GBA carts years ago, due to problems with renters removing the chips inside the cartridges and replacing them with less desirable games. However, this seems like something that should be easy enough to test these days (and charge to the credit card of the offender!).

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Gamefly Offering New Free Wii Promotion (Sign Up Your Friends)

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Wii Box First free DS Lites, and now a free Wii? Has Gamefly been stockpiling Wii’s all this time? Are THEY the reason no one can find the new Ninty console anywhere?

Anyways, Gamefly.com is currently offering a promotion that could get you a Wii for free (or about $60, if you want to enlist some imaginary friends’ help). All you have to do is get 5 of your friends to sign up for the service (which is the Netflix equivalent of videogames), and once they’ve been paying members for a month - with plans starting at $14.99 - you get a free copy of Nintendo’s elusive console.

If you have five real gamer friends, then perhaps you can convince them to sign up as a donation to your “I really want a Wii” fund.

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