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The Game Raises Its Game on BET

The Game

Sometimes a cancellation can be the best thing to happen to the series.

When was dropped by CW in May 2009, the comedy/drama about football players and their significant others was picked up by . That was a record-breaking move.

The first two episodes of Season 4 averaged 7.7 million viewers -- almost 6 million more than it did on the CW -- and set a viewership record for sitcoms on cable.

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Is this the Playstation Phone, or a new platform altogether?

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Handhelds, Rumors,

Playstation phone z-system

Earlier this week Engadget came out with some exclusive pictures and various facts about what everyone is now calling the Sony Playstation Phone.However, there are many details that indicate that this can't be a so called "PSP Phone". Some of those details, like the fact that it's running Android, came out right at the front. Since the PSP isn't running on Android, that means each game would need to be converted or ported over, which seems unlikely.

Another such detail came out today, and that is the platform that this new phone seems to be using, something called "Z-System". There isn't much known about it yet, but several people have pointed to the label in one of the leaked shots, and it does seem to indicate that this is Sony's attempt at starting a new platform. Whether it will be successful is a matter of debate, but it's obvious that Sony is struggling with the mobile Playstation brand, as the PSP and PSP Go haven't exactly been runaway hits. Maybe a phone that runs ports of Playstation Portable titles on an Android device running the Z-System layer is just the kick in the pants that they need?

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The Brothers Dryden

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, Editorial, NHL,

Dave and Ken DrydenA lot of noise is made when brothers get together in hockey. Whether they play together like the Sedins in Vancouver, or the Koivus going head to head when the Ducks meet the Wild. People talk about who will outscore who, how the brothers interact, what their lives off the ice are like - all kinds of things. On March 20, 1971, a very similar moment happened in the most unique of ways. Brothers Dave and Ken Dryden faced each other from 200-feet apart.

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Lucky Gambling Days 2009

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Entertainment, Finance, $0.99,

Lucky Gambling DaysUse this app to find out your best days to earn some extra cash. Enter your birthday on Lucky Gambling Days 2009 and choose between Western or Chinese Astrology. It will then come up with the best days to buy that lottery ticket or run to the nearest casino. The application gives lucky colors, hours, gambling tips and an Instant Luck Game. LGD is available at the App Store for $.99, a small price to pay to become a millionaire.

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Blackjack 21 Counts Cards

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Games, $1.99,

Blackjack 21If you dig card games, you will love the app Blackjack 21, previously known as iBlackjack. Play against the house with official Vegas rules like double down and split. There is strategy assistance for hard or soft totals or splitting pairs. This version includes a running card counter, which will surely get you kicked out of the real Vegas if you happen to take your iPhone or touch with you when you visit the city. Blackjack has full support for OS 2.2 and a price of $1.99.

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Excalibur Phantom Chess

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Toys,

Phantom ChessDespite the weird word association photo, Excalibur’s Phantom Chess seems intriguing. Not only will it set up the pieces, its electro-magnetic system moves your men and those of your computerized opponent. Taken pieces are taken to the edge of the board. Add some battle sounds or keep track of the time on its LCD display. The game has 136 levels, 120 for play and 16 for analysis. It will even let you take back your last move, several of them, or the entire game. You can also switch sides or replay a game to check your mistakes. Our favorite part? The “Are you sure?” mode. Phantom Chess can run on AC or 6 C batteries and carries a MSRP of £155 (~$226.00.)

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ABC Digs Up The Mole

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Games, Prime Time, Reality, ABC, Renewals,

The Mole Host Jon Kelley

When ABC’s first hit TVs in 2001, Survivor was ruling the network roost for reality TV. The Mole‘s highly complicated and manipulative game won viewers over until 2004, after the series had started featuring celebrities. It’s been gone for about four years - that’s a whole lot of viewing seasons. So why is ABC bringing The Mole back now?

Hosted by in the beginning seasons, The Mole showed off beautiful locales and intense challenges. The premise of the show is that a single contestant - placed there by the producers - is there to sabotage all the others. But only that one person, you see, really knows who the saboteur is. Everyone tries to guess the identity of The Mole, while some masquerade as The Mole to throw the others off. Even the viewers have no idea who The Mole is, which turns all of us into sideline detectives.

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Mariah Carey Fails to Throw Pitch at Baseball Game

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Music, Sports, Clothing, Videos, Oops Videos,

Mariah Carey makes yet another oopsieNewlywed Mariah Carey has made a fool of herself yet again. Whilst visiting Japan recently, the failed actress attended a Yomiuri Giants vs.Rakuten Eagles baseball game, given the honor of throwing the first pitch. Unfortunately, it appears that either her very uncomfortable attire or unnecessarily-high heels got in the way of allowing her to successfully throw the ball from the mound to the catcher.

Lucky for us, it was all caught on tape! In the video, which can be seen after the jump, the scantily-clad pop star managed to at least throw the ball a measly-looking five feet, which then depressingly rolled towards home base. Clearly learning from her past oopsies, Carey continued to smile unflinchingly after her utter embarrassment, hurried off the field and off to do some kimono shopping (something she can at least do successfully).

Nick, you really ought to keep a closer watch on your wife.

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Rolling Stone

Robotically posessed hunting trophies

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Science, Videos,

For the hunters in your life that still don’t get it that it is not okay to kill animals for sport or clothing, this prototype collection by designer/robotics teacher French Cadet is the gift for them. Walk in a room and the eleven Hunting Trophies will flash their eyes in red, orange, or green, turn their heads and move them up and down, and open and close their mouths. Here’s where the payback comes in. The closer the visitor gets, the more aggressive the bots become and will growl. Walk past them all and a chain reaction of snarling will occur. Created out of I-Cybie robots and individual programming, they each have an infrared sensor that can detect the amount of people in the room and their movements.


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CES 2008: iNo Names That Tune

iNoAlthough it has been out for awhile, this one of Sababa’s first public appearances to show off their iNo music trivia game. Compatible with all iPods except iPod shuffle and the 3rd generation nano, plop one in the interactive trivia game, and identify the tune, album, or artist. There are four wireless remotes to end the music and lock out the other players. The iNo comes with 50 action cards, so we are assuming that it just doesn’t play your tunes. That would be just wrong. The game requires 6 AA batteries (not included) at the post-holiday Target price of $35.99.

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