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Apple begins to issue Bumper Case refunds

Apple Bumper Case refunds

Apple has started issuing automatic refunds to customer who purchased s from the Apple Store Online. As you can see above, Apple is notifying customers by email that their refund is processing, and should take 3-5 business days to clear. We are still waiting for official word on when customer who bought a Bumper Case at a retail store can come in for a refund.

Apple is giving free cases to iPhone 4 customers and refunding those who purchased a Bumper Case as a make-good for the iPhone 4 antenna issue that has plagued some users.


Apple to give every iPhone 4 owner a free Bumper Case

Free iPhone 4 Case

This morning took the stage for a press conference to address the antenna issues that a small number of users have been experiencing. After Steve Jobs gave details on the antenna issue alongside data that Apple has collected, he announced that Apple would be sending free cases to iPhone 4 customers through September 30th. One caveat mentioned, though, is that Apple can’t seem to make enough Bumper Cases to meet demand, so to be true to their free case promise, they will source cases from their partner manufacturers as well. Starting late next week you’ll be able to sign up for your free case on the Apple website, and you can choose which case you’d like to receive. If you’ve already bought a bumper case, Apple will refund your money through September 30th as well.

Furthermore, for anyone who is dissatisfied with the iPhone 4 as a whole, Apple will allow you to return it with no restocking fee within 30 days, as long as it’s undamaged.

So there you have it!

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