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Someone invite Frank the invisible homeless dude to a Halloween party

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Invisible homeless costume

Frank here seems to be down on his luck, what with his homelessness and invisiblemanitus afflicting him. You may not have any cash to spare after decking yourself out in a ridiculously elaborate Halloween costume for work today, but he'd sure make a fun guest at your party this weekend, no?


LOST Review 4/8/09

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“Dead is dead.” says Ben Linus in this week’s episode of “LOST”. It also happens to be the name of this week’s episode of “LOST”.  As mentioned in last week’s review, this week’s episode focuses on Benjamin Linus and his desire to seek out the smoke monster in order to be judged.  This episode is also full of flashbacks on Ben’s life from his youth and the moment after his healing from the gunshot wound to the “business” he had to take care of before he got on Flight 316 to head back to the island.

The “dead is dead” line is a reference to John Locke.  At the end of last week’s episode, Ben was surprised to see that John was alive.  The island has brought him back to life and although Ben knew this would happen to John, it’s still an unusual thing to see because this shouldn’t really happen to anyone on the island.  However, the island it seems has chosen John for a special purpose and needs him alive.  With that being said, Ben is here more importantly to be judged by the smoke monster for breaking the rules and returning to the island.  What is Ben’s verdict?  Lets us see.


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LOST Review 3/18/09

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“LOST” is back this week, thank God.  I know it’s only been a week, but if you’re like me, you needed your “LOST” fix badly.  This week’s episode was “Namaste”.  According to Wikipedia, the word namaste is a greeting used by people in India and Nepal.  The literal translation is “I bow to you”.  I didn’t read this until after this week’s episode, which now puts all of these different theories and ideas in my head about the show as a whole.  Maybe this is important.  Maybe the word namaste is clue to what the island is all about.  We’ll see.

When we last saw Sawyer, he had met up with Jack, Kate, and Hurley.  Sawyer and his crew are living with the Dharma people in the year 1977.  He must now find a way to help these three and still keep the secret that they are all from the future.  Sayid is on the island in 1977 and his appearance ends up causing some trouble for Sawyer.  Also on the island is Sun, Ben, Frank and everyone else from Flight 316.  But the question is when are they?


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