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Crispy Gamer Personal Reviews

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Corporate News, Internet,

Crispy Gamer Screenshot

Only open for a couple of months, Crispy Gamer claims that it has over 35,000 members. It certainly proves that of all the failing industries, this one certainly isn’t. The site gets its content from gaming writers, as opposed to ads and other info from publishers. In addition to extensive reviews, the site features news, forums for gamers and video clips. Head over there and toss in your two cents worth on your favorite game or research one that you would like to try.

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From the Forums: Newegg promo codes

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Hot Deals, Internet,

We found one of our forum members in need of some Newegg promo code love, and decided to see what we could do. Turns out, we were able to fill the thread with a bunch of Newegg deals that we found. You know, things like free shipping, rebates, clearance items, and all that good stuff. If you are into buying electronics, Newegg is the place to do it. These are the kinds of quality posts you’ll find over on the Gear Live Forums.

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Introducing Gear Live Points

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories:

We’ve been working on a way to recognize you readers who participate here on our network of sites at Gear Live, and we are happy to announce the launch of Gear Live Points. In a nutshell, Points are awarded to users whenever they take any sort of interactive action on Gear Live. We think it’s a fun way to spice up your daily visits to the site.

You earn points for all the following actions:

  • Becoming a member: 100 points
  • Upload a member photo: 50 points
  • Choose or upload an avatar: 25 points
  • Posting a blog comment: 1 point
  • Posting a gallery comment: 1 point
  • Assign a forum signature: 10 points
  • Posting a forum topic: 2 points
  • Posting a forum reply: 1 point
  • Receiving a forum reply: 1 point
  • Vote in a poll: 3 points

You must be logged in to earn points, and you can see the total amount of points you’ve earned right at the top of all pages. We are coming up with some cool things you will be able to do with your points, so stay tuned for that.

To kick off the launch of Gear Live Points, we are running a contest - our HP HDX Dragon giveaway. Good luck to all participants!

NOTE: Those found abusing Gear Live Points (like posting excessive comments/forum posts that don’t say anything or contribute to the conversation) will suffer a loss of points. This policy is at Gear Live’s sole discretion.

Major Gear Live Discussion Forums Upgrade: Feature List

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Announcements,

Alright, so in the continuing effort to make our discussion forums even better, we have just unleashed a bunch of new upgrades:

  • Added an ignore member feature.
  • Added the ability for users to report posts to moderators.
  • Added ability to search by member group in Advanced Search Form
  • Refined nomenclature for topics, replies, and posts (which is now consistently used as the sum of the topics and replies).
  • Fixed a bug where posting a new reply would return you to the topic’s first page instead of the last page.
  • Fixed a bug where an image attachment thumbnail would mistakenly increase the dimensions of the image.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a user’s topics when banning them would cause other users’ posts to the affected topics to be orphaned.
  • Fixed a bug where merging two topics would result in the topic being set by the newer thread instead of the older one.
  • Fixed a bug where attachments were not being connected properly on merge or split.
  • Fixed a bug where a Topic’s edit date would change when any action was taken on the thread instead of only when the title or body was edited
  • Fixed a bug that would allow posting and editing of posts in Read Only forums.

Those are the main ones, but there are a bunch more improvements “under the hood” so to speak. Give things a test and let us know if you find anything odd!