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Music Video: American Idol’s Top 7

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American Idol's Top 7 performed "World" in this week's Ford music video, which seems to contain some sort of ambiguous Earth-friendly message.

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Music Video: American Idol’s Top 9

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Watch the video above to see American Idol’s Top 9 performing “Love Gun” for Ford. The theme for the week paid homage to songs from artists in the rock n roll Hall of Fame. “Love Gun” was originally recorded by KISS, who have not been inducted into the Hall despite being nominated in 2009.

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American Idol: Second Top 11 Ford Music Video

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In this week’s Ford music video, the Top 11 American Idol contestants sang “Kryptonite” and ran around cars in the rain. The group performance is not the last time they will sing together, though the reality series sent two more home the night they debuted this video. All 11 of them will be a part of Idol's summer tour.

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American Idol: Top 11 Ford Music Video

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American Idol’s Top 11 performed “All This Beauty” while paying homage to driving and recycling in this week’s Ford Music Video.

As always, you can get all the recaps from the current season of the show when you read all our American Idol 10 posts.

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VIDEO: Idol’s Top 13 Unveil First Ford Video

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Lots of things have changed in American Idol’s tenth season, but never will the show’s allegiance to Ford falter. We’ve got the proof of it in the music video above. Watch this year’s Top 13 12 Idols (Casey Abrams is absent due to hospitalization) singing “The World” around affordable, mid-sized cars in this commercialized music video.

U.S. Government Orders Hybrid Vehicles

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Saturn AuraThe government will be spending about $285 million by June 1 in Detroit by trading in their older gas guzzlers to purchase about 17,600 new vehicles from GM, Ford and Chrysler. Part of the stimulus bill, it couldn’t have come at a better time for the beleaguered industry. About 2,500 hybrid sedans like the Chevy Malibu, Saturn Aura and Ford Hybrid Fusion have been ordered. Now if we could just get our local governments to follow suit.

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Barack Obama’s First Hundred Days

Barack Obama

So… January 20, 2009, history takes its latest bow when President-Elect Barack Obama is sworn in as America’s 44th Chief Executive. The fortunate ones lucky enough to secure Inauguration tickets will brave arctic temperatures as the rest of America watches this latest chapter in US history unfold on an ocean of televisions from Seattle to the Florida Keys.

January 21, 2009 will mark the real onset of what might be called the Altering Era. That’s the day the President-Elect enters the Oval Office and starts work on a world of problems. What follows is a best guess at what to expect from Barack’s first hundred days in office.

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American Idol Finds New Ways to Make Money

American Idol logoIt’s the Number One rated series. It gets more press than any other program on TV. Product placement has totally gotten out of control on the show, and promos run almost all year long. How in the world could possibly squeeze even more money out of ?

Thank goodness for partner deals. Idol has inked a deal with Apple’s iTunes which will allow fans to buy performances from the Top 24 contestants, which will be whittled down to 20 later this week (so get them while you can). It will cost 99 cents for each song (already available), but for $1 more buyers can also have video of the Top 12 performers belting out tunes (this will be available March 11). You can even pre-order performances in anticipation.

Idol is already chock-full of sponsors, including Coca-Cola, Ford and AT&T (products from whom are featured every single episode). I’ve got an idea. Forget the show. Just show us sponsored products throughout, forget about pretending to offer entertainment and get on with the business of making as much loot as possible. The three existing big sponsors of the show, by the way, pay a cool $35 million a pop for commercial time.

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Knight Riders’ KITT Replaced

Val KilmerA TV project months in the making has had a major casting change in the 11th hour.

, the voice of NBC’s new KITT mobile, has had to sever ties from the Knight Rider movie.  It seems his vocal cords actually belong elsewhere.

The actor (Blades of Glory) has been doing General Motors voice-over work for some time now.  Unfortunately, those who have seen trailers for the ‘80s update know the automobile featured belongs to Ford.  GM, finally realizing there may be a conflict of interest, asked the two-timing Arnett to step aside.

Fortunately for the network, another actor has been found to fill the void.  will now be the one heard in the Feb. 17th special.  Assuming the movie serves as a new series’ pilot, it’s unclear whether Kilmer would continue on with the role.

As for Arnett, let’s just hope that Arrested Development film happens after all.

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CES 2008 Video: Microsoft SYNC Car Recognition

We learned all about Sync at , and have lots to share. Sync is integrated software that’s factory-installed in certain Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars. It allows you to control your cell phone and music player via voice recognition. Once your cell phone is “synced” with the software and your contacts are transferred, just press the button on the steering wheel and speak your command, such as “Call Mom.” Mom is immediately dialed, and you can talk to her without ever touching your phone. What’s also cool is that you can control your entire music library via voice as well, just by saying the name of the artist, song, album or even playlist. Just sync up your (except the Shuffle), , MP3 player or even a thumb drive, and you’re good to go.