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What’s in ‘The Mist’?

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: MGM, Adaptation, Horror, New Releases,

The Mist screenshotActual mist is created with suspended droplets of moisture, and is not to be confused with fog (which has greater visibility) or haze (which is a different color altogether). And , pop kitsch horror writer-turned movie mogul, is not to be confused with a writer who actually offers some value. If weather phenomenon frighten you and you’re at all interested in seeing yet another movie about losing visibility and being beset by scary occurrences, go see The Mist. If you started to get bored with King, stay away.

So, here’s the setup. Bunch of people living in Maine, everyone’s just doing their thing. All of a sudden, a strange mist (not a fog, mind you, a mist) rolls into town. Frightened and dismayed, citizens hole up in a grocery store to escape this ever-encroaching mist. How likely is that, honestly? You’re out and about, you’re shopping, a thick mist rolls in. Do you lock the doors, batten down the hatches and wait it out? Or do you just take your groceries home? Honestly now. Anyway, the film takes place


in the grocery store and features effects which at least saves the movie from being a complete waste of time. Did I mention there are some sort of weird monsters living in the mist? Mist monsters?

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Scare the Neighbors’ Kids With Freak Tank

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Videos,

Halloween is rapidly approaching so we are scouring the Net to find the best ways to creep out your friends, neighbors, and, most importantly, those brats down the street that wake you at dawn on Saturday. How about this 9 foot tall Freak Tank that contains a floating Siamese Twin corpse suspended in a fog run by motor? We like that the company, Haunted Ventures, specializes in finding hard-to-get items for its customers. What we don’t like is the $2,200.00 price tag (with shipping) that doesn’t include a sound track. We think we will wait for a smaller version since those kids are fairly young and scare easily.


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