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Mecha Mushi Spreads its Wings

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Toys,

Mecha MushiOur latest find in RC toys is the Mecha Mushi.  At a size of 1.7 x 3.6 x 6.5-inches, the insect with foam body is available in silver or rainbow hues, with separate frequencies for each. Its internal battery is chargeable by connection to its remote. The MM is designed for internal flight, so make sure you bring it along to work to see if your co-workers are paying attention. Available for pre-order at a price of $79.00, the bug requires 6 AAA batteries to fly.

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Inflight Power Recorder Takes to the Sky

Inflight Power ExecutiveIf you do a lot of flying, the Inflight Power Recorder plugs into any passenger seat audio jack and outputs regulated power to the attached USB charging cable/connector. It’s available in four units,  the basic one for $34.99, the iPod/iPhone bundle for $44.99, the Blackberry model with a mini-B tip that will also work with some MOTOs and RIMs for $44.99. For heavy gadget hogs, the Power Executive comes with with both tips for $49.99.

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Factor 5 Showing Off Lair

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Action, PlayStation 3,

LairWith the PlayStation 3 exclusive title, Lair shipping in July, Factor 5 seems to be hitting up the press with their alpha-soon-to-be-beta build of the game to show off their progress. Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht spoke with Dean Takahashi from Mercury News about the game, and the development process for the PlayStation 3. Like most of the development interviews, the talk ranges from the background of the company to the specific goals of the game under discussion, and then usually to a comparison of the technology and the development process for the various consoles. Eggebrecht’s insights into the PlayStation 3 development cycle versus the Xbox 360 are interesting, and may point to why so many of the PlayStation 3 ports of Xbox 360 games are lacking. Eggebrecht claims that developers will “have a hard time if you port without having a PS 3 game in mind when you created the 360 version. That is where a lot of complaints are coming from.” The better path, according to Factor 5, is going from the PlayStation 3 to the Xbox 360, not that Lair will be coming to the Xbox 360 any time soon; Eggbrecht considers themselves lucky that they “didn’t have to think about the 360 at all.” The interview continues into some deeper discussion into the relatively memory limited consoles, at least compared to their PC counterparts and the interview overall is an interesting look into the development of a title that exists on so many different scales.

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