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UFO May Really Be Army Drone

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British drone makers from the GFS Projects, who have been given a research contract from the U.S. Army, will be flying (literally) back across the pond to partake in the Grand Challenge in August. They will be entering one of their 31-inch diameter saucers which they feel, according to the competition rules, is an “autonomous or semi autonomous system designed to detect, identify, monitor and report the position of a wide range of threats within a complex military urban environment, including within individual buildings.”

So if you think you espied a UFO kicking around the planet sometime, you may be seeing the real thing.

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Futuro House Available for Non-Aliens

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FuturoNow is your chance to live in your own flying saucer. The Futuro House was designed in 1968/69 with a height of 500 cm, a diameter of 800 cm and a weight of 2200 kg. Made of glass fibre, it was meant to be mass produced inexpensively by the year 2000. It features 20 windows and a door with a flap that becomes a staircase and can be moved by helicopter. Made by Finnish metal worker Abloy Suomi, it was on sale at Christies in Paris November 27 but failed to bring in the expected quarter of a million dollars. We suspect that if you could come up with a figure close to that, they might be willing to let it go.

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Skycar Not So Far Away


We were


in error. It seems there is a Jetsons-type car flying in an atmosphere near you. Moller International, founded by a UC Davis professor, has announced that it is producing the M200G Volantor, a small, two passenger, saucer-shaped vehicle that takes off and lands vertically. Designed to hold up to 250 pounds, the device hovers about 10 feet off the ground so it will escape the watchful eye of the FAA until the company can pass the certification-testing program. Moller claims that the car can go up to 45 mph for 45 to 90 minutes.

Bruce Calkins, General Manager, says that although a market has to be created before skycars catch on, he believes that a good first step would be for those who want to either run down to the beach or head out to the golf course. Check out the M200G in action as it takes a test spin. Only a limited amount of them will be available before a full-scale release by 2009 for marketing demonstrators, special sales, and military applications. We think that for $125,000.00, it makes it a heck of a toy.

(Thanks, Bruce)

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