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Off-Road Wheelchair

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Science, Transportation

OFF_Road WheelchairTravis Watkins got together with other students and the University of So. Florida to build a wheelchair for his father who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He wanted the OFF-Road to roam on uneven surfaces such as grass, dirt, or sand. The University was so impressed that they will be offering the chair through their Rehab Ideas spin off company. We expect even with the $4,495.00 price tag, they will still have plenty of takers.

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Baby Jesus Receives GPS

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: GPS, Internet

Baby JesusA baby Jesus statue was taken from a nativity scene in Bal Harbour’s Founders Circle, Florida, although it was bolted down at the time. Cincinnati attorney Jeffrey Harris read about the crime online and generously replaced it with a new one. Dina Cellini, the overseer of the display, has equipped the new figure and its ceramic parents with GPS devices to avoid the same event happening again. We are thinking that this might be an excellent strategy for protecting our lawn gnomes, too.

(Thanks, Mike)

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Scientists Explore Underwater Turbine Usage

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Science

Underwater Turbine

Rick Driscoll, the director of Florida Atlantic University’s CEOET (Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology) and crew are developing underwater turbines that will create power from the Gulf Stream. They would be moored 1,000 ft. below the surface and should be capable of going through 8 billion gallons per minute. That’s enough energy to power up one third of the state of Florida. The team will be testing a prototype early next year. We wonder if, when this becomes feasible on a large scale, someone will find a way to harness it in, let’s say, a jacuzzi. We suspect the power companies would not be thrilled.


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