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Christian Slater Ties the Knot

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Weddings,

Brittany Lopez and Christian SlaterChristian Slater has married his girlfriend Brittany Lopez.

The 44-year-old actor - who divorced his first wife Ryan Haddon in 2007 - tied the knot at an impromptu civil ceremony at the courthouse in Coral Gables in Florida on Monday. A spokesperson for the Mind Games star told People.com that the couple spontaneously decided to get married after they initially went to the Coral Gables District Court near Miami to get their marriage license.

The couple, who have been together for three years, announced they were engaged in February, two months after they celebrated at a huge party for family and friends last December.

Christian previously revealed they were set to tie the knot in a small ceremony in their back garden in July and had hired a wedding planner: "It will be good, intimate and small and family members. It will be nice."

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Sorting out the Spring

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: MLB,

Cincinnati RedsThe arrival of Spring Training ushers in the season it is named for. It’s an exciting time of year for sports, as it is once again time for baseball. Florida and Arizona play host to well over a thousand players and coaches, and fans flock in for a glimpse at the next boys of summer. But with the entire action taking place in just over a few weeks, it’s not too difficult to become lost in all the action that has little impact on the eight months of baseball that follow.

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Matching suspensions with injuries is a bad idea

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Editorial, Injuries, NHL,

Eric LindrossAs the NHL GMs debate in Florida about various issues in the game, including headshots, fans have been rampant throughout the internet letting their opinions on the issue be heard as well. Everybody seems to have an opinion, one of which being that offending players should be suspended until the injured player returns. While the idea behind that is decent, there are several holes in the idea that will prevent the GMs from giving it serious consideration. Here’s why.

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Pitchers and catchers to report to Spring Training

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, Editorial, MLB,

John LackeyWhile the Winter Olympics may be going on, spring is definitely in the air. Major League Baseball’s Spring Training officially kicks off on Wednesday when each team’s pitchers and catchers report to training facilities to start warming up their arms for the long season. Over 1,000 players will begin the long journey towards Opening Day while the rest of the position players have an extra couple of weeks off before joining their teammates in sunny Florida or hot Arizona.

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Off-Road Wheelchair

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Science, Transportation,

OFF_Road WheelchairTravis Watkins got together with other students and the University of So. Florida to build a wheelchair for his father who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He wanted the OFF-Road to roam on uneven surfaces such as grass, dirt, or sand. The University was so impressed that they will be offering the chair through their Rehab Ideas spin off company. We expect even with the $4,495.00 price tag, they will still have plenty of takers.

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Don’t Count Out Recount

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Drama, Cable, HBO, Gossip,

Recount From the first trailer, I was intrigued. In the next moment, I was checking the upcoming TV schedule to be 100% sure my DVR would capture the movie at the first possible opportunity. And I’ve got to tell you, I just can’t wait to watch ’s Recount.

I had the dubious pleasure of living through the 2000 presidential election - and all the many, many television hours this momentous and highly historical race entailed. Every four years in November, we as a nation go forth to various polling locations to exercise our Constitution-given Democratic freedoms. But on the evening of November 7, 2000 most people went to sleep without knowing just who the hell the President of the United States would be. But eventually, the decision was made…and so was history. The eight years that followed were rife with events which could keep Hollywood script writers busy for the whole of the century. It was a defining moment, it was the catalyst which undoubtedly led to two earth-shattering wars, and it is still something which (at least, for me) remains shrouded in mystery.

No longer will this remain the case…perhaps. The HBO film Recount will take us back to the past, but what sort of picture will this flick paint?

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Florida Citrus Bowl hosts WrestleMania XXIV this Sunday

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: News,

Florida Citrus Bowl

Above is a view of downtown Orlando, Florida from the Citrus Bowl Stadium. This will be the home of WrestleMania XXIV in just four days. I flew in, and am now in town. If any of our readers are out here and going to the event, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will hook up. I’ve been here in Florida for three days now, just taking in the sights. In a few days, you may even be able to find our WrestleMania thoughts here.

Baby Jesus Receives GPS

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: GPS, Internet,

Baby JesusA baby Jesus statue was taken from a nativity scene in Bal Harbour’s Founders Circle, Florida, although it was bolted down at the time. Cincinnati attorney Jeffrey Harris read about the crime online and generously replaced it with a new one. Dina Cellini, the overseer of the display, has equipped the new figure and its ceramic parents with GPS devices to avoid the same event happening again. We are thinking that this might be an excellent strategy for protecting our lawn gnomes, too.

(Thanks, Mike)

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Scientists Explore Underwater Turbine Usage

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Science,

Underwater Turbine

Rick Driscoll, the director of Florida Atlantic University’s CEOET (Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology) and crew are developing underwater turbines that will create power from the Gulf Stream. They would be moored 1,000 ft. below the surface and should be capable of going through 8 billion gallons per minute. That’s enough energy to power up one third of the state of Florida. The team will be testing a prototype early next year. We wonder if, when this becomes feasible on a large scale, someone will find a way to harness it in, let’s say, a jacuzzi. We suspect the power companies would not be thrilled.


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