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SoakTV’s Wireless Waterproof Televisions

SoakTV Wireless Television

Wouldn’t you love to be able to watch your fave TV shows while lounging in the tub?  If so, consider the SoakTV Wireless Waterproof Television. It has an LCD screen, stereo speakers and you can hook it up to a DVD player…or even a PC! Perfect for bathtime, the kitchen, even pool parties…and since it’s wireless, you can take it anywhere. Unfortunately, this particular model isn’t available yet, however the company’s similar Soak104 model is for $972 USD.

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Plasma Window: Think of it as a Screensaver for Your Flat Screen TV

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Plasma WindowSo your uber-expensive flat screen TV is hanging on the wall and you’re so happy. But let’s be real—when turned off, your flat screen is dull, dull, dull. Turn things around with Plasma Window, a collection of DVDs for your widescreen that displays a virtual fireplace (complete with crackling sounds), aquarium, landscape, waterfall, or even classic works of art that hang on your wall. Throwing a party? Try the disc that offers a light show. Sweet! While the Plasma Window collection is made specifically for digital, widescreen and LCD TVs, the company insists their DVDs work on any television. Each DVD is available for $15 USD and up.

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