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Sharp Plans For Thinner Panel LCD

Sharp Prototype

Sharp has unveiled its ultra-thin flat panel LCD. So far just a prototype, the high-resolution 52-inch screen is only 20 mm (~1.14-inches) wide, weighs 25 kg, and has a contrast ration of 100,000:1. The company also bases its power consumption of 140 k per year on their idea of a “typical household” average daily viewing time of 4.5 hours. Sharp claims 150% of the NTSC color gamut on its flat panel, which seems a bit vague. Nonetheless, we definitely think thin is in.


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HP Announces 30-inch Flat Panel Monitor, LP3065

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HP LP3065

It looks like HP is interested in joining rather exclusive club of companies, including Apple and Dell, that offer a 30-inch LCD flat panel display. For connectivity, the monitor, dubbed the LP3065, requires a DVD-D dual link graphics card, with support of up to 2560 by 1600 resolution. The stand allows for 178 x 178 degree viewing angles and possesses 3 additional DVD inputs and HDCP content protection. The display also possesses a unique, new CCFL back-light.

Most surprising, however, is HP’s choice of color and design. The monitor is designed to be sleek, with emphasis on the black bezel, stand, and screen (when turned off). The ship date of the LP3065 is projected to be November 1, for a hefty sum of $1999.

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