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DC Comics’ Booster Gold Is Still Great!

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I’ve been reading comics on and off for almost 25 years.  I began as a “Marvel Zombie.”  For those not familiar with that term, it means that I only read Marvel comics.  That however all changed in 1989 with the release of the first Tim Burton “Batman” movie and then decided to start reading Batman, the comic book.  The first issue I picked up was Batman #433.  That was part one of John Byrne’s “The Many Deaths of Batman.”  This was a “silent issue” meaning no dialogue or captions were printed to help tell the story - only pictures.  I do believe Gordon said one word, but overall it was silent issue and I was hooked. 

As time passed, I began reading other DC titles.  I loved the “Death of Superman” storyline and Mark Waid made me love Wally West and the Flash.  Then came James Robinson’s Starman.  That book is the bible to me.  I love that book so much, I got a tattoo of the Starman symbol on my left shoulder.  I stopped reading comics for a while, but I found my way back and I’ve been reading comics again for about six or seven years now - mostly DC books, by the way. 

And one of those books is Booster Gold.

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Customized mimobot flash drive

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mimobot ecard

Mimoco has decided to let you personalize any mimobot flash drive you choose for Dad’s Day at no extra cost. Pick out the style and size you want, then send them an e- to fathersday@mimoco.com with a written or spoken message, photos, videos, and/or songs. After loading them, they will delete the files for your security. To make sure it gets there in time, there is a deadline of today by UPS ground or June 11 for UPS Next Day Air.

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Adobe Launches Media Player


Today Adobe launched its new Media Player for the masses. With the AMP you can stream and download from their partners, such as MTV or Comedy Central. You can customize it to your taste as long as there is an RSS feed and has Flash or MPEG-4. You can also track and download episodes automatically and manage your videos for watching at your leisure whether you are on or off line. Fortunately, everything you acquire on the Air-based software is free and/or ad supported. Download the AMP from their site and enjoy!

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Why is Apple stalling Flash on the iPhone?

iPhone flashA few weeks ago, we reported that sources revealed to us that Flash on the iPhone was coming soon. At the time, we felt very strongly that the reasons we stated were sound and accurate. Then, a few days ago, Steve Jobs stated that Flash wouldn’t be coming to the because it was “too slow to be useful” and that Flash Lite was “not capable of being used with the web.”

So we started getting comments on our last entry, like this one, saying that we were wrong. The iPhone 1.1.4 release came and went, as did the announcement. Nothing from Apple regarding Flash, until Jobs said it was a no go. So we went back to our source, who was - and still is - 100% convinced that these are just stall tactics.

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Flash on iPhone is just around the corner

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iPhone Flash pluginEDIT: The Skyfire browser for iPhone allows you to view Flash video directly on your iPhone.

EDIT: Here are the details on Apple and Adobe collaborating on an iPhone Flash player.

EDIT: Here is an update on the whole Flash on iPhone situation.

We’ve been waiting for Flash support to hit the ever since…well…it launched. We’ve had to make do without Flash for almost eight months, and YouTube even had to convert a bunch of their catalog to H.264 in order for the service to be enjoyed on the iPhone. Well, we’ve just got word from a reliable source that Flash support is on its way to the iPhone, and it should be coming very, very soon. Speculating a bit further on our own, we are guessing that it would be pretty convenient for Flash support to be introduced alongside the iPhone SDK, wouldn’t you say? Now, we know that there isn’t much information here, but you also know how strong our sources are too - Flash on the iPhone is coming, just take our word for it, okay?

EDIT: We already have had a couple people ask about the supposed battery and CPU issues that were holding Flash back from being included on the iPhone in the first place. From what I am hearing, it was a complete fabrication. Flash has not yet made it to the iPhone solely due to business negotiations. As we said, it is now on its way!

CES 2008 Video: Sandisk SSD Drive Technology

Many companies showed of Solid State Disks () at , but none so cost effectively as Sandisk. As usual is bringing a product to market that beats the price of it’s competitors while still not skimping on features. SSD drives are an effective way to increase performance and battery life on notebooks without requiring re-engineering. Available now in a variety of capacities and price points - look for them in stores or devices soon.

CES 2008 Video: Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Plus, Digital Jewelry

is experimenting with doing away with boring old thumb drives in favor of something a little more personal. Their new prototype jewelry is designed as an accessory first, and technology second. Amazingly well hidden within the stylish exterior is a miniscule USB plug for access to it’s treasure trove of digital memories. These are not yet on the market but should be soon - keep your eyes (and pocket book) peeled.

Tetris Goes 3D

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TetricalYou really knew you were hooked on Tetris when you would see those awful shapes in your head hours after finishing your last marathon. Prepare to do that again in 3D with Tetrical. Developed by Digital Machina, the flash game works pretty much like the original once you get the hang of the shift, control, and arrow keys. You also need the <, >

, +, and - keys for angles and adjustments. Ready for the challenge? Don’t say we didn’t warn you about its addiction.

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iWay iPod SD Adapter: No Computer Required

iWay iPod SD AdapterSo you’re about to go on vacation and you’re taking your trusty digital camera. You might want to pick up an iWay SD Adapter as well. Why? Because the adapter allows you to transfer photos to your iPod straight from your SD card—no computer middle-man required! First, plug the iWay into your Video iPod, then attach your photo-laden SD card to the iWay. Those 83 shots you just took of the Maui sunset will now load onto your iPod, for better viewing and of course, showing off. Plus, the adapter gives the option of erasing the data off the SD card, making room for the 104 shots you’ll take of tomorrow’s Maui sunset. For use with the Video Ipod only, and available for $78 USD.

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IOGEAR’s Pocket Drive is Really an SD Card Reader

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Iogear PocketDrive Card ReaderSay you have an SD card full of photos, music, videos or files, but you—or whomever you wish to share those files with—doesn’t own an SD card reader. This probably happened to someone, and that ingenious someone invented Iogear’s USB Pocket SD Reader/Writer. Just insert the SD card and it’s now a bona fide thumb drive, able to read and write files. The drive has up to 480 Mbps data transfer rate, and works with both Windows and Mac. Also available for Micro and Mini SD cards, Rs-mmc, and (hello PSP’ers!) MS-Duo cards. Prices range from $9.97 to $12.97.

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