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CES 2008 Video: Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Plus, Digital Jewelry

is experimenting with doing away with boring old thumb drives in favor of something a little more personal. Their new prototype jewelry is designed as an accessory first, and technology second. Amazingly well hidden within the stylish exterior is a miniscule USB plug for access to it’s treasure trove of digital memories. These are not yet on the market but should be soon - keep your eyes (and pocket book) peeled.


Asus to release lower-end Eee PCs

Asus Eee Laptop

Asus has countered the OLPC with its Eee (easy work, easy learn, easy play) PC. With a 7-inch screen and a weight of about 2 lbs., the inexpensive laptop runs on Linux with Open Office and built-in dictionary, but can also handle Windows XP. With quick boot time, it uses Flash for memory storage on its 4400mAh battery,  has a one-click graphic intuitive interface, and can be pre-ordered for a mere $299.99. Asus also offers an Eee PC 4GB with a larger 5200 mAh battery and a 0.3 megapixel webcam. Add $100.00 for the deluxe version, which is available now. Both come with 3 USB ports to allow for expansion and added external storage.


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DVR Pen Does More Than Write

DVR PenFor spies on the go, the DVR Pen has a wireless, low-power digital recorder and a microphone stuffed into an 0.55 x 5.7-inch pen. You can record 320 x 240p at 30 fps on flash memory or microSD and transfer data to PDA or PC via Bluetooth. The pen features 5 different motion detection sensitivity levels for low light targets and can send an alarm when movement occurs. And yes, it even writes. Still a prototype, Pacific Defence foresees a target date next March.

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Keyboard Makes Traveling Easier

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Vax 77

Once you have packed up your folding guitar for the next gig, don’t forget to include Infinite Response’s Vax 77 Keyboard. When flat, the instrument is 46.6 x 14.5-inches. Fold it up and it is merely 23.3 x 14.5-inches. The Vax has a 300K flash memory with 100,000 erase cycles, an ADI Blackfin DSP 400 MHz processor, 4 inputs, and midi in/out and USB connectivity. It also features a modulation/volume wheel, octave shift, effects, and navigation arrows. Check with Infinite Response for availability and price.


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Rolly Dances to MP3s

Sony RollySay hello to Rolly, the dancing egg. This Sony MP3 player can spin around with sensors that allow volume control when turned clockwise or counterclockwise or switch music with a push or pull. Weighing only 11 oz., it holds 1 GB of flash memory and built-in speakers. Bluetooth capable, it is programmable with software that will analyze music and then create choreography for the little bugger. It also doubles as an alarm clock. Rolly can keep going for about five hours before needing a recharge, and will hold 100 to 600 tunes, depending on the complexity of its dance steps. Only available at this point in Japan, its MSRP is ~$354.00.

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Cowon iAudio and D2 Unveiled

iAudio 7D2

The Korean company Cowon has released two MP3 players at an attempt to compete with the big Apple. Its iAudio 7 can hold up to 8 GB of Flash memory for 60 hours of play, features IU, swing touch,  an alert beep, 3-D sound effects and can be preset for up to 10 JetEffects. The 1.3-inch screen displays up to 260,000 colors and seven lines of text. The D2, with its 2.5-inch, 16 million color, 24 bit touch screen can hold up to 16 GB with an SD card, loves going to the movies, and comes with a touchpen, stylus, and kickstand.  Both support MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and WAVs and have FM radio/record. The MSRP for the iAudio 7 is available for 299,000 KRW (~$316.00) while the Cowon D2 can be yours for 329,000 KRW (~$348.00.)


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Bleeding Edge TV 136: Infiniter Laser Pointers and Products

We talk to Infiniter about their laser based business and PC products. They show off a presentation mouse, which is both a mouse and PowerPoint controller with laser when you turn the device upside down. They also give us a look at their laser presentation pointers that have included built-in flash drives, the first green laser business-grade laser pointer, and more. If you are into , or just into business, check out this video to see what you can purchase to become the coolest cat in the office.

Unboxing Gallery: The 2nd Generation iPod shuffle

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With the recent string of Unboxing Live episodes that we have been posting, we have neglected to report on a few of the unboxing galleries we have put up as of late, like this one that we have for the second generation iPod shuffle. I mean, sure, we will be posting a video unboxing of the new flash-based iPod shortly, but sometimes a picture can mean so much more, don’t you think? Head on over to the iPod shuffle unboxing gallery for all 16 images.

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