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Norton Free OnlineFamily

OnlineFamilyIt’s a scary Internet world for kids, but Symantec has generously offered Norton OnlineFamily to keep tabs on them. The software streamlines data from all your computers and can flag trouble sites. It shows where your kids are going and lets you search through their IMs, Facebook and MySpace profiles, including checking what information they are putting out there. They will call it Big Brother, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? A $60.00 value, the software is Free until Jan.10, 2010.

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When Mythbusters, Reality and NASA Mix

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Former special effects gurus-turned reality stars, the took on their biggest challenge yet for last night’s episode: the famed moon landing. For decades (specifically since 1969) people have persisted in believing the whole thing was a hoax.

Was it?

According to the episode’s opening dialogue, 20% of Americans to this day (well, perhaps not this day - but let’s say a week ago) persist in believing the well-publicized moon landing was actually faked. Many of what the show calls “conspiracy theorists” point to various evidence and say the entire thing was filmed not on the surface of the moon, but on a Hollywood set.

Some may scoff at this idea, but in a way it’s not farfetched. After all, hasn’t Hollywood faked everything from space invasions to true love? Really, is one little moon landing so hard to re-create?

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