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Zune 3.1 update: More games, better Social, more

Just two months after the Zune 3.0 release, Microsoft is now deploying the next incremental update to their platform with Zune 3.1. Available for download today, the Zune 3.1 update brings quite a few welcome feature changes and updates:

  • New Games: Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle
  • New multiplayer mode, and single-player difficulty levels, for Texas Hold’em
  • Visual changes to the Zune Social, making it prettier and easier to navigate
  • Like-Minder Listeners feature added to social, allowing you to compare your music tastes to others
  • Improved play count reporting, content synchronization, and other bug fixes in both the hardware and software

You can grab the update now by launching your Zune software, going into Settings, and hitting Check for Updates.

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Samsung BD-P1000 and BD-P1200 Blu-ray players get new BD+ firmware tomorrow

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Blu-ray BD+Our pals over at just alerted us to the fact that their BD-P1000 and BD-P1200 disc players will be receiving the firmware upgrade treatment tomorrow. This is good news, because some of the latest Blu-ray titles have had issues playing on the Samsung players due to the lack of BD+ support. This update fixes that. Here are all the details, straight from them:
Available on Friday, 10/12/07, the firmware update will be available on www.samsung.com for users to download, burn to disc, and load into the player.  Owners of the BD-P1200 will have the option to do the update via the player’s Ethernet connection.  This firmware update will resolve freezing issues experienced when viewing Fox titles and their BD+ features.  Details are as follows:
BD-P1000 Firmware Update
This firmware update provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Blu-ray movie title playability regarding BD+

BD-P1200 Firmware Update
The firmware update provides the following benefits:

  • Improves playback compatibility in some movies
  • Enhanced Blu-ray movie title playability regarding BD+
  • Enhanced performance of in-movie games
  • Fixing audio noise in some movies

Some Blu-Ray Movies Will ONLY Play on PS3

Blu-Ray Disc

We all knew that Sony hoped the PS3 would be the Trojan Horse to get Blu-Ray into homes across the world. But I don’t think anyone could’ve expected that we’d be forced to play some Blu-Ray discs on the PS3 only. the good folks over at PSXExtreme have noted that the Blu-Ray movie “The Descent”, currently plays only on the PS3 - those of you with your $1,000+ Sony or Pioneer Blu-Ray movie players are out of luck.

According to Sony, the problem is based on the fact that the production company for the disc, Lion’s Gate, decided to include some Java-based special features on the disc, which only works on the PS3 console. However, this is apparently preventing non-PS3 Blu-Ray player owners from viewing any part of the disc, which seems like a rather strange problem.

Sony is working on a fix for this issue, though at this time we’re not sure whether that would be a replacement Blu-Ray disc that, you know, actually plays on Blu-Ray players, or a firmware upgrade for their players. Either way, it’s not a good piece of news for the format.

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