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Fire on Universal Lot

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Universal Lot Fire

UPDATE: The cause was determined to be accidental. The fire was started by workers using a blowtorch.

Although the flames are not entirely extinguished, a fire at the lot in Los Angeles is now contained. The blaze, which erupted around 5 a.m. this morning has injured four firefighters. It has also damaged approximately 4-5 structures including New York Street, Courthouse Square, the video vault and the building that houses the King Kong exhibit.

While no cause has yet been determined, it is believed filming was going on at the time.

The fire, located at the backlot near the theme park, should not interrupt tonight’s taping of the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.

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Gas Torch Flames in Spirals

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Tempest Gas TorchIf you really want to wow the neighbors, add a Tempest Gas Torch to your porch or patio. The effect is somewhat magical, for the flame inside the ceramic glass spirals around instead of simply flaring up. Recommended for mounting anywhere outside, Travis Industries is hoping that everyone will want their own Tempest. We dig the cleverness of the design and want to know what it will do with/to marshmallows. Contact them for price and availability.

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PSP Burns a Hole in His Pocket

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Burned PSPHarold Clay was burned at school today after his PSP caught fire in his pants pocket. Knowing what to do, the 12 year-old dropped and rolled when he felt it heating up. The middle school student from Metro Detroit’s Farmington Hills was treated at a nearby hospital for minor burns. The portable game system was confiscated by local police to investigate the cause of the blow-up. A local news station called Sony where a spokesperson claims it is the first occurrence of overheating. We are not sure if that is the case, we are just surprised that the PSP was allowed in school in the first place. By the way, Burn Out was the game inside the PSP at the time of the accident.

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Wicked Lasers Torch Spits Real Fire…Almost

Wicked Lasers has put out some interesting products in the past (just check out our Blue Spyder II laser video,) but their Torch is way beyond utile. With 4100 lumens, it takes the Guinness cake as the most powerful flashlight in existence. Adjustable with a high-efficiency relector, it is encased in aerospace-grade aluminum. At a size of 57 x 230 mmm, the device does literally what it is called as you can see in the video. The light will work for up to 15 minutes on a battery charge. Frequent campers and pyromaniacs can find them for $299.99.


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iYule TV, a Fireplace in Your Pocket

iYule TV‘Tis the season for a holiday Yule Log and this year you can download 30 minutes worth of a crackling fire with accompanying music for handhelds, PMPs, and MP3 players. Created by GeekBrief TV during a nostalgic moment, a portion of the proceeds from the originators and score composer of the iYule TV go to charitable orginizations. Prices are $5.00 for iPods and $7.00 for Macs, PCs, Apple TVs, or Xbox 360s. Order all three for $7.00 without the music if you are into the natural sounds of fire.

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Police Log Confirms Attempted Suicide at Wilson Home

A police log obtained by the National Enquirer backs up their earlier claim on the situation.  The report from the Santa Monica Police Department confirms that they did respond to an ‘attempted suicide’ call after 12pm Sunday.  The TV show is also adding that it was , Owen’s brother, who found him.

You can click below to see a copy of the police log.

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Owen Wilson Condition Update

Owen WilsonAs reported earlier, was transported to the hospital Sunday afternoon.  Although we still do not know what he is being treated for, a statement released today by the actor hints that he had more than just an accident. 

“I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center reports that Wilson is currently in good condition.

NOTE:  You can see a copy of the recently obtained police log here.

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Did Owen Wilson Attempt Suicide?

Owen WilsonSeveral sites have reported tonight that (Wedding Crashers) has been transported to the hospital for medical care.  Now the National Enquirer and Star magazine are exclusively claiming that the actor was found after an apparent suicide attempt.  Santa Monica Police and Fire responded to Wilson’s house around noon Sunday after receiving a 911 call.  According to the Enquirer, the actor may have cut his wrists and ingested an unknown number of pills.

It’s doubtful due to patient privacy laws that we may ever know the full story.  Regardless, we sincerely wish the best for Owen’s recovery.

NOTE: Click here to read the update on Owen’s condition.  You can also see a copy of the recently obtained police log here.

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Call the Fire Department

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cakeAt the risk of feeling and looking older than my years, I share with you this picture of my birthday cake from last month. I hesitated to share it, as it is alludes to my true age--notice the look of horror? amazement? on Alijah's face as he stares in disbelief at the cake about to burn to ashes in front of him, before he could get his first taste. Quick, someone grab a fire extinguisher!!

Apple Recalls 1.1 Million Batteries Due To Fire Hazard

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Now, we bet a few Apple fanboys are going to be feeling a bit sheepish over this one. A couple of weeks back, Dell issued a sweeping recall of laptop batteries, garnering a few point-and-laughs from the non-PC using side of the fence. Of course, Dell was just acting responsibly here, as it is actually Sony who manufactures the faulty batteries for Dell. The thing is, they also manufacture the batteries for Apple, and thusly, Apple has issued a recall of 1.1 million iBook and PowerBook batteries. If you would rather not have your G4-based Apple portable burst into flames, you may want to click on over to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission page, detailing the recall.

(Thanks Veronica!)

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