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Fingers Organizes Your Cords

FingersTired of that mess of cords behind your computer? Fingers is a prototype created by Oof Design that keeps the untangled when you unplug your laptop. Made of acrylic, each slot is made by laser for different types of plugs. The device also raises the height of your laptop making it more ergonomic. We have practically become accustomed to the clutter that hides back there. If we get that organized, we may get around to throwing away those faded post-its with ancient reminders of chores that we never accomplished.

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Desktop Strength Shows Your “Digital” Macho

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Toys,

Desktop StrengthAre you tired of playing with your missile launcher and bombing blimp? Show off your finger muscles with this unique gadget. The Desktop Strength toy features a small hammer that you actually attach to the end of your finger. Ring the bell to see if your are a “Wimp,”  “Hero,” or “Mr. Universe.” If you do well or keep dinging and drive everyone bonkers from the noise,  maybe your officemates will buy you an Ultimate Double Whopper for lunch. Battery operated, it comes with demo batteries at a price of £10.00 (~$20.00.) from our buds at Gobaz.

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USB Dance Mat Lets Your Fingers do the Dancing

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, USB, PC / Laptop, Toys,

USB Dance Mat

Whether you love, loathe or simply don’t get Dance Dance Revolution and its brethren, we think you’ll find this item as zany and amusing as we do. It’s the Dance Mat, which plugs into your computer and allows you to play DDR—with your fingers. The mat’s arrows light up randomly to the beat (a soundtrack is included), which your fingers “dance” to. The longer you last, the faster the music. It even comes with a cut-out dancer to fit over your fingers, for added silliness. You can choose a 30 or 60 second game, and there’s even a counter to track your moves.  We would definitely hold mini-DDR competitions in our cubicle, if it weren’t for that whole pink slip thing. Available for $18 USD.


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