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Wall Street Guru

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Toys

Wall St. GuruRemember the Magic 8 Ball? We know that you still have one that you need in bouts of real insecurity. For these troubled economic times, the virtual Wall Street Guru is the perfect answer. Ask it a question and it will respond with such answers as:

  • “Tech Stocks Hot”
  • “Bear Market Ahead”
  • “Out to Lunch”
  • “Buy T-Bills ”
  • and the ever popular “Unclear Ask Again”

It may not be the answer to all your financial needs, but at least you won’t have to take credit for bad decisions. Carry it on your next trip to Wall St. for $7.95.

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Stock Sale Gags Nintendo At GDC

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii

Miyamoto Chris Kohler at Game|Life is reporting that a major stock trade in Japan is restricting what Nintendo will be able to say and announce at the Game Developer’s Conference next week. Because of this trade, Nintendo executives and developers will not be able to give any new information to the press due to stock trade laws controlling forward-looking statements. This may cause problems with Shigeru Miyamoto’s scheduled keynote, and any other new product announcements Nintendo might wish to make during the conference. The odd part this revelation is that Nintendo itself requested that the Japanese government initiate the trade, which makes the timing of the request very strange. With Sony already looking to possibly show off their new community features and upcoming game releases like Killzone, and Microsoft also showing off their latest content and hardware offerings, this may push Nintendo into the background.

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