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Spider-Man Movie Gets A Title!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Marvel Comics

Spider-Man Movie 1For months it’s been called the Untitled Spider-Man Reboot. That title, which I was secretly hoping would stay, has been tossed aside like dreams of a Green Hornet sequel.

As of this week, the new Spider-Man movie finally has an official title: The Amazing Spider-Man, the name of the original Spider-Man monthly comic book. But as with anything, there was a long list of possible, but rejected, titles.

Here, from the not-so-top-secret files of Marvel, are the top 10 rejected titles for the 2012 Spider-Man movie:

10. Iron Man 3

9. $pectacular $pider-Man

8. Not The Spider-Man Musical

7. Spider-Man 4-D

6. Amazing Fantasy #15

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Is Mos Eisley Safe?

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies

BanthaIf you follow the news and keep track of current events, you already know that Tunisia is in a state of emergency. The president has fled the country and there's chaos galore.

But the nerd in me has questions: Is Mos Eisley safe? Can I still hire a mercenary pilot at the Cantina? Will I be able to get my power converters at Tosche Station? Is Obi Wan's house still standing?

What's that you say? What am I talking about?

As any Star Wars fan knows, Mos Eisley, Anchorhead, Uncle Owen's farm and more are all places of interest in the first (or is it the fourth?) Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

And they were all shot on location in Tunisia which creator-director George Lucas called "the ideal country for filming: beautiful countryside, unique architecture and a very high level of technical sophistication."

So I have to ask. Is Tatooine safe?

My cable to the U.S. Embassy there has gone unanswered.

[Artwork: Bantha, making tracks in Tunisia]

Netflix to Cease Selling Used DVDs

Netflix PicksNetflix has decided to stop selling previously viewed DVDs. Some are as low as $5.99 and include such titles at that price as “Casino Royale,” “Into the Wild,” “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “American Gangster,” and “Spiderman 3.” Of course there will also be suggestions according to your previous favorites. After November 30, they will focus on simply renting. That’s fine with us. We love the fact that we can watch a film as often or as much as we want and not have extra DVDs taking up space.

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Einmnal DVD-D Disposable Movies

DVD-DWelcome to the world of expiring movies. Einmal’s DVD-Ds are only good for a 48 hour period and then the data is deleted. A few years ago, Flexplay had the same idea and used to offer titles via Amazon, although it never really caught on. If you check on Amazon’s site, you will find a “not available” and an offer from Unbox for a $2.99 rental or $9.99 price.

The discs are already in Italy, France and Scandinavia, but we are thinking with a price tag of €3.99 ($6.44,) you can head to your nearest retailer and check out the discount bin. And if you want to be really green about it, we still adore our Netflix.

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Discover Bollywood With iTalkies

EarthiTalkies has adopted Netflix’s idea and the company, which is based in Seattle, has been delivering Bollywood titles since 2004. Now they have expanded and are available to residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Shaiwal Singh, the company’s founder and CEO, says that there are over 5,000 titles of Indian films in seven languages and features both popular films and award-winners. We like this idea and wonder if it could be the beginning of a trend that will include such individualized online services as iChickFlick and iFreddyKruger.

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