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FATS Shoes for Fat Kids

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What better way to remind your child that she/he is on their way to obesity than to present them with a pair of FATS (Fitness Achievement Technology System) shoes. Created by students from the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands, the more the kids work out, the more the color appears. This is accomplished by a motion sensor integrated into the shoe’s heel that, along with glass fiber yarn woven on the outside, reflects the light from LEDs. While we think that most kidlets we know would prefer being rewarded with a twinkie or more video game time for exercising, we suspect that this prototype may work on the same little ones that wear those blinking light shoes for safety reasons. 


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Limit TV Time and Kids Lose Weight

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Kid Playing Video GamesStudies show that more kids are becoming obese these days due to more emphasis on video games, TVs, and computers, rather than actually exercising. Big Macs only add to the problem. Leonard Epstein of the State University of New York and team came up with a monitoring device that cuts time in half, resulting in overweight kids being forced to do something else that would burn those calories. After 2 years, the study found that kids who were restricted by 17.5 hours a week ended up with lower BMIs. We think this would be a good idea for some of the adults we know.

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Know How Much Fat You Really Have

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Belly Fat Scanner

When you go for your annual check-up next year, you may be more embarrassed than usual. Tanita has created a Belly Fat Scanner that will measure your stomach and then a low electric current scans for about 30 seconds to get the fat ratio. The results are then transmitted to a work station by its numbers. The only information used is the sex of the patient, as opposed to the height and weight measurements that are used to determine BMIs. This is definitely not the test to take too soon after the New Year.


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An Open Letter—In Defense of Britney Spears

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Dear Video Music Awards viewers:

Britney VMAsWe’re probably all tired of talking about Ms. Spears and her disastrous performance by now…but I’d been thinking about The Biggest Loser premiere last night and I just had to get this off my chest:  Britney isn’t fat.

Yes, she’s bigger now than we she last appeared on the VMAs.

Yes, she would have looked better in the corset.

Yes, I’m sick of this alter-stripper persona that she has taken on.

But dang—I thought she looked pretty good for someone who’d drinking frozen margaritas non-stop.  And heck, I’m just happy she didn’t wear those ugly brown boots onstage!

You can call her a train wreck, bad mother, lost child all you want….but let’s lay off the weight.

Yeah, you heard me right.  I’m actually defending Britney.  But make no mistake—I’m only defending her on this one issue.  For those of you who read my first open letter to Britney, I still stand behind everything I said then.

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CES 2007 Video: Planet 82 Accufat Scanner

At the show, we were on the lookout for odd, out of place products, and we think we found one in the Accufat Scanner. The whole demo was just kind of…odd. We mean, aside from the fact that is teeming with your standard gadgety fare and we didn’t expect to see a body fat scanner. During the demo, a Planet82 representative shows off their fat scanning device, and calls over another representative who seemed apprehensive to have his fat measurement taken on camera. Now that’s good comedy!