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Columbian Hostage Rescue Becomes a Movie

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Ingrid Betancourt

Even though they’ve had less than a week to become familiar with their family members once again, former Colombian hostages are now facing the prospect of having their story told on the big screen.

Last week, fourteen people - including three American contractors - were rescued from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in a surprise mission. Some of those freed had been held captive since 2002.

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Protest Originates on Facebook

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Colombian ProtestHundreds of thousands of citizens protested against the Marxist Farcs in Colombia yesterday. What is most remarkable about this is the fact that it was started on Facebook by 33 year-old Oscar Morales Guevara from his home in Barranquilla, Colombia. Over 250,00 Facebook users joined the application to support the message and soon other media joined in. Protesting also occurred in other countries. Many organizations, such as the Wisconsin-based Columbia Support Network, have been protesting for decades in an effort to reach a negotiated solution and fear that it may backfire on the captives that still remain with them, but we think that the best way to fight injustice is any way you can these days.

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