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Stardock Elemental: War of Magic

ElementalPlayers of Galactic Civilizations will be happy to know that the same company, Stardock, has announced that their new game, Elemental: War of Magic, will be out in Q1 2010. That seems way down the line, so if you cannot wait, you can play their public beta next June. The game is a strategic fantasy and has magic and lore incorporated. Players rule their own kingdoms and combine spells, exploration, adventure and interaction with others. Pre-order for $49.95 on Stardock’s site, with other information available there as well.

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Show Yourself Some Love with a Custom Action Figure

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Design, Toys

Jack Black Action FigureEven though we’re well past the age of playing with action figures, we love the idea of owning one in our own likeness. If you do too—and have $425 USD to spare—head on over to HeroBuilders. There you just follow the steps and in two weeks you’ll have a 12” version of yourself, with the clothing, accessories (including tattoos!) and even weapons that you’ve specified. Want your mini-me to be even more bad-ass? You can order a talking version for the same price, utilizing your voice in a 20 second clip. If you wish to order more than one, you’ll have to kick out an additional $40, ($50 for the talking one). Expensive, but worth it if it means realizing a childhood fantasy.

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