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Fandango Wants to Compete on ‘DWTS’


WWE Superstar Fandango wants to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

The 32-year-old wrestler is a fan of the program and if the opportunity arose to compete on the ballroom show he'd jump at the chance. Fandango - who uses ballroom dance moves in the ring and is always accompanied by his "dancing partner" Summer Rae - first got into the series when fellow WWE Superstar Chris Jericho competed on it in 2011. When asked if he'd like to compete on the series, Fandango told BANG Showbiz, "I would like to give it a go, I just need the right partner - maybe a lingerie model! I've watched Dancing with the Stars, I watched when Chris Jericho was on it, I think it's cool. It's always cool to see the stars - whether they're a football player or an actor, an actress, a model, whatever - put into that situation of crunch training to try and win the show. How they deal with the pressures and their egos of not being really good at it is interesting to see."

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iOS 6.1 is now available

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iOS 6.1

After a longer than normal beta period, Apple has finally released iOS 6.1. You can download it now and update your device over the air, or by using iTunes, and can expect various bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • LTE support for more carriers
  • The ability to purchase movie tickets with Siri
  • iTunes Match users can now download individual songs from iCloud
  • New button to reset the Advertising Identifier

Let us know if you find any other hidden goodness in this release!

Siri will be able to purchase movie tickets for you in iOS 6.1

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Siri Buying Movie Tickets

We often wonder when Apple will add more abilities to Siri, such as being able to purchase a movie ticket on the go. Well, it appears that Siri will do just that in the upcoming iOS 6.1. 9to5Mac has received word from developers who are using the beta version of iOS 6.1 that Siri now has the movie purchase functionality. However, since the transaction is processed through Fandango, the Fandango app needs to be installed, otherwise Siri prompts the user to download it. This functionality works somewhat like when users make a restaurant reservation with Siri, requiring the OpenTable app to function. Currently this feature only works with select US movie theaters. 

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Heads up! Two Fandango movie tickets for $9

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Fandango promo codeThe summer blockbuster movie season is upon us, what with Super 8 opening this weekend and all. Since movie theaters are pretty much a rip-off these days (although, haven't people been saying that for, like, 15 years now?), it's always nice to have a deal. Today LivingSocial is featuring a national deal where you can get two Fandango movies tickets for $9, making a trip for two to the local theater just $4.50 each. Not bad, right? Hit the link to grab it, you've got less than a day left if you wanna buy it.

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New Moon Sells Out Record-Breaking 63 Shows

New Moon opens November 20Online ticketing sites Fandango and MovieTickets are not wasting any time when it comes to jumping on the sequel to Twilight—the fans have made it quite worth it.

Marking the record for selling out screenings earlier than any other film, fans of New Moon have gobbled up 63 shows!

While one may point out that ticket sales have been offered earlier than most for the film, James Cameron’s highly-anticipated Avatar had tickets selling earlier than New Moon and has not yet sold out a show.

Fear not, frantic Twihards—Fandango and MovieTickets are selling a total of 24,912 shows (that leaves you 24,849). The film hits theaters on November 20.

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iPhone 3.0: Some apps currently incompatible [UPDATED]

Fandango iPhone 3.0

We know, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the beta release yesterday, and tons of people rushed to upgrade. However, now we are seeing some of the negatives that are starting to creep up. Sure, the keyboard can be a bit sluggish in some apps, and MMS isn’t working at the moment, whatev on those. What really sucks, though, is the fact that there are some apps that will just flat out refuse to


install. Case in point, the new Fandango app. If you try to install it on your 3.0-enabled iPhone, you’ll get a message telling you that the application isn’t compatible, and that it requires the iPhone 2.2.1 software update. We aren’t feeling that, because we wanna get our Fandango on!

Let us know if you find any other apps that choke on iPhone 3.0.

Update: Looks like the problem here is with installing from the App Store directly on the iPhone. We just tried downloading and installing Fandango using iTunes, and it works swimmingly. Keep that in mind.

[Thanks, Tyler!]

Friday Showings for Twilight Fill Up

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

If you’re hoping to catch a showing of this Friday, it might not hurt to check ahead. Even though Thanksgiving is still over a week away, many are planning to start their holiday early.

As of Monday night, ticket agencies were already reporting a number of sellouts for opening day. Of the 700 sold out showings via Fandango, 500 were for midnight screenings. (Will this mean a spike in school absences at the end of this week?) Meanwhile, MovieTickets had registered 400 sold out showings for times throughout the day.

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Sex and the City’s Fashionable New York Premiere

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Sex and the City

As masses of mostly-female fans huddled behind barriers wearing their promotional tank tops, the four women of the hour strolled down the red carpet for New York’s premiere of (the very last stop on a three-premiere tour for the movie), held at Radio City Music Hall. For this gala event, there is one concern which shines above all others: what did our Sexy ladies wear?

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