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Dynastree Family Tree Building

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DynastryWe found a site where you can create your own family tree and keep in contact with many of your relatives. Available in 11 countries and 8 languages, the site says that it has over 6 million trees with 60 million profiles. Dynastree also claims that 50% of its users are under the age of 30. This is believable after taking a peak on their site with its cutesy name and icons. The best part is that it is free, unlike many sites like this and that your information can only be seen by your relatives.

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Two Companies Analyze DNA

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DNAWant to trace the missing limbs on your family tree? GeneTree, launched this week in beta, offers DNA Test Kits so you can do just that. It has access to records from the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation which holds over 100,000 samples worldwide. After its research,  the company claims to have a database of 6 million people. For a fee starting at $99.00, GeneTree will send you some mouthwash to swirl, spit, and send back. You can then wait for the rich relatives to claim you on your profile page.

The newly established Ancestry also offers those services, and is building its database from scratch. They have taken profiles of 50,000 individuals and hope to see results in about 6 months. You can then compare your DNA results with others through the site. With a variety of tests available, the service’s cheek swab will set you back at a price beginning at $149.00.

While DNA testing will not tell you everything you need to know, it may lead to information such as names and addresses of those who are related to you. At least you will know if you absolutely have to attend the next family reunion.

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