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Facebook Movie Could Damage Zuckerberg’s Image

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, the much-hyped movie depicting the origins of Facebook, does not paint a very flattering portrait of company founder Mark Zuckerberg. The former Harvard student is the world’s youngest billionaire and already wildly successful though he’s several years shy of his 30th birthday. But his story, as presented in the movie, is hardly the stuff of American dreams.

Facebook execs attempted to get some parts of the film changed…but it didn’t work. Now, the famous social networking site (and it’s low-profile founder Zuckerberg) is preparing for the unflattering film to be a big hit with moviegoers (which seems, considering the cast and the huge promotional budget, a foregone conclusion).

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Celebrity Chatter: New Romance for Liam Neeson, Possible Wedding for Prince William

Liam Neeson and Freya St Johnston-It appears Liam Neeson is rebounding from the 2009 death of his wife Natasha Richardson. The actor was recently spotted holding hands with 36-year-old businesswoman Freya St. Johnston.

-If you’re a diva with only one name, it could be hard to find potential dates. That may be why Cher has reportedly turned to Facebook - yes, Facebook - to meet new men.

-Could Prince William finally be ready to tie the knot? According to a report, a royal affair will soon be planned for William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. The two 28-year-olds will supposedly wed next July. An official engagement announcement is expected this fall.

-Is Jennifer Aniston dating her best friend’s boyfriend? The actress was caught out on a dinner date with Josh Hopkins, Courteney Cox’s love interest on Cougar Town. Aniston will appear on the comedy on September 22.

Colbert Nation Pushes for Truthiness Rally

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The Colbert nation has spoken…will the Comedy Central host answer?

Comedy Central fans have organized their own campaign to prod into hosting a “Restoring Truthiness” rally in response to Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” rally, which was strongly backed by the GOP.

The idea seems to have sprung from a post on Reddit, and everything has snowballed since. A and website have now been created for the rally, which has been given an October 10, 2010 date. A locale for the rally has also been named: Washington, D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial, where Beck held his event. Fund-raising and merchandising will help fund the rally. Any remaining monies will be donated to the charity of Colbert’s choice.

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Singer Commits Suicide at Belgian Music Festival

For the second time in less than a week, a tragic suicide has overshadowed a musical event.

On Thursday night, a concertgoer fell onto the stage during a Swell Season concert in California. One day later, it was a band’s lead singer who jumped to his death.

Charles Haddon, the frontman for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, was pronounced dead Friday night after a performance with his British group in Hasselt, Belgium. The 22-year-old, who had climbed a telecommunications mast, jumped and fell onto the backstage parking lot at the Pukkelpop festival.

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Man Commits Suicide During Swell Season Concert

UPDATE: The group has offered to pay for group counseling sessions to help those who witnessed the suicide.

Fans attending a Swell Season concert Thursday night in Saratoga, CA left stunned by what they saw.

A man who had climbed onto a roof behind the stage jumped to his death before the crowd. The victim, later identified as 32-year-old from San Jose, fell approximately three stories onto a speaker. He reportedly landed within feet of singer Glen Hansard. (The video above was shot after the event.)

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Courtney Love Twitter-Scolds Daughter Frances Bean

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Courtney Love and Frances Bean CobainRocker Courtney Love is best-known, these days, for , Twitter and Facebook most often. Love released a new rant directed toward her daughter Frances Bean Cobain on Thursday, just one day after Frances’ eighteenth birthday.

The various posts (and there are several) accuse Frances of destroying Courtney’s life. One reads: “youve done a damned good job frances of destroying anything i could build.” Another: “Why would you leave me and my life in tatters like this.”

Moment later, Love abruptly changed tactics with this: “I long for your kiss and your sweet head smell, I long for youm I ache for youm I die for you every day.”

lost guardianship of Frances less than one year ago. The two have been engaged in public warfare ever since. France Bean Cobain is the only daughter of Courtney Love and the late music icon Kurt Cobain.

(FYI - You can also follow VIP Breakdown on Twitter.)

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How to disable Facebook Places

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Features, Social Media,

Facebook Places

So Facebook just launched Facebook Places, a feature that lets you check-in to local spots, and even lets others check you into those spots without your knowledge or approval by default. We figured some wouldn’t appreciate that, and would want to opt-out of some or all of the Facebook Places functionality, and we wanted to fill you in on just how to do it.

First, log in to Facebook and choose Privacy Settings from the Account menu at the top right. Click on Customize to get to where we need to go. The first area we want to check is called “Things I Share.” One of the categories is “Places I check in” - this is set to be visible to all your friends by default, and you can make that more or less restrictive in this area. Right below it is an option titled “Include me in ‘People Here Now’ after I check in” which is also on by default. This lets anyone know you are at a location if they are also there, or nearby.

The last option is the one that lets others check you in against your will, and it’s enabled by default. Scroll down to the “Things Others Share” area, and you’ll see a Enable/Disable toggle for “Friends can check me in to Places.” If you don’t want others associating you with a location, you can turn that off here.

There you have it! We’re sure Places is going to be huge for Facebook, and that a lot of people will be joining in on the fun, but we also know there are a bunch of you that would rather not be involved, so we wanted to let you know how to shut it off.

Facebook 3.2 for iPhone brings Places location check-in, background uploading

Facebook iPhone 3.2

We all knew it was coming, but Facebook has finally released their location check-in methodology with the release of their Facebook for iPhone 3.2 app. The new ‘Places’ feature let’s you check-in Foursquare/Gowalla-style into venues that are around you. You can also track the locations of your friends as well, to see what others in your social graph are up to. One seemingly annoying feature is that Places even allows you to check other people in with you, and that is on for every account by default. Of course, you can manually turn that feature off, but shouldn’t that be the default option?

Also new in 3.2 for phones running is background uploading of photo and video content, so you can start an upload and jump out of the app to something else while things continue. All iOS version also pick up new in-app privacy management features as well.

We’ve been trying to test out all the new hotness, but just about every area we go into on the new app results in some sort of error message. We’ll keep trying.

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My Struggle With Facebook Addiction

Posted by John Kilhefner Categories: Productivity, Social Media,

Facebook addiction

To the artist, distractions are all too familiar. Often times rearing their ugly head under clever guises to fool you. The Victorian poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, Lady of Shallot, symbolized the quandary that writers and others of a creative nature face - to watch the world or to live within it. It used to be that the most prevalent form of distraction to the creator came in the form of booze, drugs, and other destructive vices. However, in the digital age distractions invade our personal space with the dexterity of pop up ads. Charming and inviting as they may be, submitting to these distractions sends productivity packing back to the assembly lines.

As I sit here writing this in between drags of a cigarette, I can’t help but think about all the distractions that come to light when working day in and day out on a computer. The main culprit (besides philosophy and smoking) is none other than Facebook (dun dun dunnn!). I’m sure there are more than a few of you out there that have fell prey to the time consuming nature of the social networking phenomena. To remedy my ailment I even went so far as to deactivate my Facebook. But it was short lived.

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Emma Watson: Cutting My Hair was the Right Thing

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Emma Watson short hair

officially said goodbye to her years as Hermione Granger when she decided to make a bold and “liberating” move: she cut her hair.

The 20-year-old, who kept her shearing plans to herself, revealed the new look to fans through Facebook and Twitter.

“Yes, I cut my hair off a few days ago! I love it- feels incredible. Hope you like it!,” the Harry Potter star tweeted about her Mia Farrow-esque style. “I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever,” she added on her wall.

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