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Haze Goes PS3 Exclusive, Gets New Gameplay Video

The video above, showing some of ‘s shooter , reveals some of the combat tactics in play later in the game once your character has joined against his former employer.

While the video looks nice and showcases some of the game’s more intriguing facets, even more intriguing is the announcement that the game is now slated to be a exclusive. Originally haze was to be a timed exclusive, hitting the PlayStation 3 first and then coming later to the and . Now it seems that developer is only working on the PS3 version, although Ubisoft isn’t conting those version out completely, saying only, “The official statement on PC and Xbox 360 is that these platforms are not confirmed.”

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Club Nintendo Japan Members Offered New Premiums

Branded Wii Remotes

Club Nintendo members in Japan with enough points qualify for one of two limited time offer premiums that put the freebies in other territories to shame. Club members that have accumulated over 400 points can choose either a battery cover for their Wii remote customized with an image of their Mii or a limited edition DS game Tingle’s Balloon Fight. Either offering is much better than anything Nintendo of America has offered its site members; loud complaining or petitioning Nintendo might help, but such premiums are highly unlikely for the United States.

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