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Rare Charles Darwin Book Found

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Charles Darwin On the Origin of SpeciesEngland’s famed auction house Christie’s has managed to get an original copy of ’s On the Origin of Species, the book that details the scientist’s theory of evolution. The book, first printed in 1859, was found on a toilet book shelf in a family home in southern England.

Insert your own evolutionist theory crap joke here.

The book, one of only 1,250 first editions printed, will be sold on Tuesday to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its first publication. Christie’s estimates the tome could bring as much as $99,000 USD.

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Runflier Stalker Takes Flight

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Runflier StalkerRussian Designer/Inventor Alexander Begak has designed the Runflier Stalker, the next generation of his Evolution. The airborne vehicle takes off from a short runway and can travel almost a thousand miles without refueling at a speed of up to 124 mph. It is made of Kevlar and weighs only about 300 lbs. Because it is made of the plastic material, it is invisible to radar and can take photos both day and night, as well as perform mapping and patrolling duties. Look for the Stalker in a war near you.

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