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Humanscale Ergonomic Switch Mouse

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, PC / Laptop, Peripherals,

Switch MouseHumanscale Switch Mouse’s ergonomic design consists of a V-shaped base, which is easier on the wrist and forearm, and a navigation dish that allows scrolling in all directions. In addition, it features programmable buttons, size adjustability, left and right handed usage, and built-in palm support. Humanscale claims that their mouse reduces repetitive motion stress and gives users a natural 45° angle. The multi-award winning Ergo designed peripheral is now shipping for $120.00.

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Arm-Rested Table Pad

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, PC / Laptop,

Arm-Rested Table PadThere are plenty of mice that have been designed ergonomically to ward off Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and now there is an Arm-Rested Table Pad to ease a wrist, arm, and shoulder. Made of plastic, the pad features rubber pads, and can turn 180º when not in use. The grey device can handle up to a 5 cm thick desk, comes with its own mount and screw, is simple to assemble, and is available for $19.99.

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Elecom Egg Mouse

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Elecom Egg Mouse

In honor of its 20th birthday, Elecom has created a new USB Egg Mouse. At a size of 65 x 86.5 x 46 mm and a weight of 80g, the 3-button optical gadget now comes in blue, grey, orange, pink, white, and black. Ergonomically designed, the company ‘s translation says that the mouse fits nicely in your palm “which it is easy to operate even in the woman.” With a resolution of 1000dpi, look for an arrival in mid-May for ¥2940 (~$29.00.)

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Flexii Cool Fan 3D Optical Mouse

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: PC / Laptop, Peripherals, USB,

Cool Fan MouseIf you are one of those who has sweaty palms when at the computer, either trying to hit a deadline or playing a game that you don’t seem to be able to conquer, Flexii’s Cool Fan 3D Optical Mouse features USB 2.0 connection, an 8000dpi resolution, and an ergonomic design. The 1W plug and play infrared mouse is 5 x 2.5 x 2-inches and will keep you cool no matter how much stress comes out via your hand for only $12.99.

(Thanks, Cassily)

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Slimouse is Ergonomic and Better Than a Postcard

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Say goodbye to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you a find normal-size mouse isn’t ergonomic and/or cutesy enough for you, you might want to consider InferPoint’s Slimouse which is not only svelter but comes in many designs, including famous monuments, various animals, and “sparkling.” They all feature front and back buttons and scroll wheels. Prices range from $24.99 up to $34.99. Never fear. If you like the style but not the design, their classic is still available for $29.99.

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Morph: Future of Technology?


Nokia’s researchers and the University of Cambridge have come up with the “Morph.” On display at MoMA this month through mid-May, the concept is meant to display the flexibility of future mobile devices. Morph’s technology is pliable, self-cleaning, and transparent, and can be ergonomically rearranged. For example, a folded design would fit in a pocket or on a wrist, while an unfolded one could become a handset. In addition, Morphing will less expensive, take up less space on the planet, and be eco-friendly. We are all for any idea that we can wear instead of forget when we are in a rush.


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Command Unit Seeks Cyborg Relief

Cyborg Command UnitGet into those PC War Games with Saitek’s Cyborg Command Unit. Use its analog switch to change between first person shooters, strategy and role player, and sports modes with 21 buttons for up to 144 programmable commands. It will even work for flight simulated games. It also has an adjustable thumb control with two-way tilt on its back lit ergonomic keypad. The USB gamepad is compatible with USB 2.0 Windows XP, XP64 and Windows Vista (all versions.) The MSRP on this one is $39.95.

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HomeHero Improves Fire Extinguisher Look

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HomeHeroIt’s about time somebody decided to update fire extinguishers. The white HomeHero is not only nice to look at, but is ergonomic with its single-handed deployment capability. It features an obvious safety pin, rubber grip, feet for protecting surfaces, and can be used for liquid or electrical fires. The HomeHero comes with a bracket for mounting and a 6-year warranty. Contact Home Depot for information and price or wait for its imminent arrival.

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Motorola Unveils New MOTO Q9m

MOTO Q9m’s new MOTO Q9m features an ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, capability, and a side-scroll thumbwheel with dedicated keys. The smartphone runs Verizon’s V Cast 3G toggle EV_DO for over-the-air music downloads and Windows Mobile 6 for voice-activated dialing. It also has a 1.3 mp cam with flash Dual and a slot for up to a 4GM micro SD cards for pictures, music, and video storage. The MOTO runs up to ~212 hours standby time and talk time up to ~273 minutes. Find one at Verizon for $249.99 after an $100.00 online discount with a 2 year contract, with an additional $50.00 mail-in rebate.

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Logitech Products For Ergonomically Correct Fingers

Logitech Wave Combo

Logitech went back to the drawing board and came up with a Cordless Desktop Wave Keyboard and Mouse that are all about finger comfort. The keyboard features a U-shaped constant curve with a contoured palm rest, while the LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse has ergonomically correct sides and soft rubber grips. For a real chuckle, check out the Press Release. We just didn’t realize how our fingers were suffering by using our present keyboards and how much they will appreciate the Comfort Wave Design that is highest at the “A,” “G,” “H,” and “Enter” keys with the maximum distance between the keys’ peaks and troughs being a scientifically devised 4 mm.

The package includes a USB mini-receiver and extension cord, a plastic dust cover, 4 AA batteries, and runs on Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS X (10.2.8 or later.) The combination will be available beginning in late August for $89.99, while a stand-alone keyboard will make its debut in October with a MSRP of $49.99.


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