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Whitney Houston Touring the UK

Whitney Houston

is planning to tour the UK for the first time in over a decade.

The “I Look to You” singer will play five arena dates starting next April in venues across England and Scotland.

“This is my first full tour since the My Love Is Your Love tour in 1999 and I am so excited to be performing for my fans around the world after all this time,” Whitney said. “I am putting together a great show and cannot wait to perform the songs from my new album Look to You along with some of your favorites.”

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Man Murders Wife Over Facebook Status

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Facebook logoIt’s a scary Internet world out there. Edward Richardson of Staffordshire, England, checked out his wife’s Facebook page. That by itself is fairly common, we suspect, but when he realized that she had changed her status to single he freaked. She wouldn’t answer any of his text messages at her parents’ house, so he went there, broke a window out of the front door, went in and killed her. He tried to off himself as well but failed. He was given 18 years for the murder and Detective Inspector Andy Wall said that the wife had wanted to end the marriage but that Richardson couldn’t accept her decision.

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England’s Princes Gain Some Royal Clout

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Princes William and Harry

of England has given her two famous grandsons something two young men can really appreciate: their own royal households.

For those of you without noble blood, the term “household” doesn’t necessarily refer to a place of residence but to a full-time staff. Between the two of them, the royal boys will share three main staff members who have their own small team of supporters. The job? To look after the princes’ military, public and charitable activities. St. James’s Palace will hold the household.

But the gifts don’t end there. To commemorate this newfound bit of prestige, each prince now has his own personal cypher. Think of it as a royal brand, a symbol to express their standing. Prince William’s cypher is the letter W in red, the same color as the cyphers belonging to his father and grandmother, with a coronet on top. Prince Harry’s cypher is blue, the same color as the one which once belonged to Princess Diana, featuring the letter H.

They’ve got logos, crowns and now their own personal staffers. It looks like the boy princes have finally become royal men.

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Increase of Injuries From Wii Usage

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Wii-FitThe UK claims that up to 10 users a week are being hospitalized because of their Wiis. Dr. Dev Mukerjee of Broomfield Hospital, Essex, claims that there has been a 100% increase of patients with “Wii-itis.” Ailments such as shoulder or wrist inflammation have been reported as well as “Wii-knee” after playing Wii-Fit, which may involve 3 months of treatment to cure. So remember, before you head into heavy gaming mode, do some stretching exercises first.

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Microsoft Plants Kiosk in Front of Apple Store

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Microsoft Kiosk

Microsoft, in a clever move, located an “I’m a PC” recording kiosk outside an Apple Store in Birmingham, England. By the way, if you really are a PC, you can upload a photo or video online and you might find yourself in one of their commercials. The company has already selected several of them in ads that are airing on network TV and are part of a $300 million advertising campaign. We’re all for any idea that doesn’t feature Gates and Seinfeld.


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Brangelina Shoos Johnny Depp Out of France

Johnny Depp plans to move out of France

When Johnny Depp ran to France to escape the paparazzi, I’m sure he never would have imagined having to leave his tranquil paradise. Unfortunately, the very private Pirates of the Caribbean star has come to face this nightmare upon Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s recent move to the beautiful country, which forced many of their die-hard paparazzo to follow suit.

Judging by recent pictures taken of the former heartthrob, I would say that it’s safe to say that he is upset at the large influx of cameras around southern France.

His solution? Pack up and move to England!

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Tim Burton’s Alice Is Off to England

Tim Burton starts filming 'Alice' in Plymouth this month

Disney’s favorite eccentric director Tim Burton is at it again, and this time he’s digging a bit older and traveling a bit further for his latest classic remake: Alice in Wonderland.

Burton is taking the cast and crew across the pond to Plymouth, where they will be holding auditions this week for the film’s extras. Casting director Ilenka Jelowicki explains why the locale is perfect for production:

“It’s a period movie, set in Victorian England, so we’re very specific about the look we need. In an ideal world, out of the 125 women we need, they would all have long, naturally coloured hair. We’d love men with beards or facial hair – lamb chops or big sideburns, that sort of thing.”

The only confirmed cast member is HBO‘s Australian actress Mia Wasikowska (In Treatment), who is set to play Alice. Take a wild guess who might be casted as one of the crazy Wonderland characters—I dare you!

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‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’: A Less Than Royal Film

Cate BlanchettWhen Cate Blanchett blazed onto the big screen as Queen Elizabeth I nine years ago, Hollywood couldn’t help but to take notice. She commanded royally, earning an Oscar nomination and much acclaim for her role as England’s 16th century monarch. Elizabeth has long been a character of fascination to historians and ordinary people, the daughter of Henry VIII and a woman who led in a time when most females followed. But that doesn’t guarantee Blanchett will lead at the box office, and early reviews are unflattering, to say the least.

showcases the queen during a later period of rule, a hectic time that sees Elizabeth battling for supremacy against the frightening Spanish Armada, and Queen of Scots Mary Stuart. Elaborate sets and costumes give viewers plenty of eye candy in the Golden Age, but the timid approach to bold subject matter is sure to turn audiences off. Blanchett is nearing forty, though The Golden Age portrays a Queen beyond the age of 50. The movie, at least, offers some true historical accuracy – and if it didn’t, I would be the first one to start hollering. Elizabeth was a Protestant in a time when England wasn’t so hip to changing religious trends, a woman who defied convention and the Pope to rule her people the way she desired. This caused a clash between England’s Queen and her own cousin Mary Stuart, the devoutly Catholic Queen of Scotland. The imprisonment and subsequent execution of Mary Stuart has long been a stain on England’s history, and a famous fable that has been re-told countless times. Stuart was the mother of James, who would become King James I of England and the man who brought the Bible to the common folk.

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UK Cops Get Head-Cams

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Head-CamBobbies in the UK must be pleased with their new acquisitions of head-cams. Approximately £3 million worth of the devices are to be given to police in England and Wales. Tested in Plymouth, the cams replace written statements omitting the need for paperwork and can be used as evidence. Able to store up to 400 hours of footage, officers are instructed to wear signs that say “I am video recording you.” Excuse us, but wouldn’t that be obvious to all except the overly-inebriated?

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Spice Girls Attempt a Comeback

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Spice GirlsNo, it isn’t a joke. The Spice Girls will reunite for eleven concerts around the world, and will begin touring this December. This will be the fist concerts for the Spice Girls (or will they call themselves Spice Women now?) since their 2001 breakup, and the first time all five original members have been together since Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) left the group in 1998. Victoria Beckham will join Halliwell on tour, along with Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm, Baby Spice Emma Bunton, and Scary Spice Melanie Brown.  With seven children between them, the Spices definitely aren’t girls anymore, and Baby Emma is currently pregnant with her first child. EMI will release a Spice Girls greatest hits album (seriously…they have enough “hits” to fill a whole album) in November, just as the tour seriously kicks off.

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