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Bieber Fever Could Incite Riot in England

Justin Bieber in Liverpool

Justin Bieber spent hours on involuntary lockdown on Thursday in Liverpool (birth place of The Beatles, baby) after such a huge crowd of screaming girls gathered outside his hotel, officials were scared a riot might start.

Once the police convinced themselves they could control the crowd, they allowed the Biebs to stand on his balcony and wave to the fans. The idea was that seeing Justin would give them what they came for, and they would naturally disperse after his appearance. But the crowd remains as enthusiastically out of control as ever. Justin had to cancel a scheduled concert because the environment was so unsafe, he couldn't even leave the hotel.

Maybe let him sing a few bars of “Baby” to quiet them down?

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Lifetime to Unveil ‘William & Kate’ Movie

Kate Middleton, Prince William

This spring, Lifetime will unveil the first of what is sure to be many movies about royal couple Prince William of England and his bride Kate Middleton. The TV movie, titled William & Kate, will air on April 18.

Nico Evers-Swindell (NCIS: Los Angeles) will play the Prince, Camilla Ludington (CSI) as future Queen Kate Middleton.

But, that’s not all. Lifetime is also doing a six-part documentary series about the couple’s Royal Wedding of a Lifetime. They will take a look back the history of the couple's on-again, off-again romance, and talk about the mother-in-law Kate will never meet, the late Princess Diana.

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VIDEO: Getting Inside the Royal Wedding

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We’re bummed that we didn’t get our invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the mail, but we can still admire the upcoming nuptials from afar . . . very far (like, an ocean away).

To get an even closer look at the most anticipated wedding of the decade, watch the video above. Find out which engaged party invited two of their exes to the event, learn why President and Michelle Obama didn't get an invitation and discover which superstar couple will be in attendance.

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Photo: The Royal Wedding Invitations Have Arrived

Royal Wedding Invitation - Prince William and Kate Middleton

Only a rare few will be receiving a royal wedding invitation in the mail, but we’ve got your copy right here. The invites to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton are printed in royal gold lettering on 10" x 6" white cardstock with gilded edges. The emblem at the top belongs to Queen Elizabeth. Nothing's too fancy for the future King of England.

The invitations read: The Lord Chamberlain has been commanded by the Queen to invite … and so on. The wedding will be held at Westminster Abbey (as we predicted) at 11:00 am on April 29.

A total of 1900 invites were sent out, to kings and charity leaders, university friends and family. Dress code? Military uniforms for the men, tailcoats or business suits.

Maybe you can’t make it London for the big day, but we’ll be giving you a front-row seat. Keep checking back for all the details on the royal nuptials. You can get information even faster by following VIP Breakdown on Twitter.

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Kate Middleton Considering Westminster for Royal Wedding

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Princess-to-be was recently spotted, with a contingent of aides, coming out of London’s famed Westminster Abbey.

The centuries-old, historic building would look great in wedding photographs, hmm?

Middleton was seen late Wednesday afternoon leaving the historic site. Aides say that the engaged couple is considering a number of different venues for the nuptials, including the historic Abbey, but they haven’t made any firm decisions yet.

For almost one thousand years, Westminster Abbey has witnessed the coronations of most of the British monarchs. The famed church was also the site of Princess Diana’s memorial service. (Prince Charles and Princess Diana held their 1981 wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral.)

Speculation is that Middleton will wed Prince Harry this March, but Palace officials say the couple may wait until summer to hold the ceremony.

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Royal Engagement Ring: From Harry to Kate, through Prince William

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Princess Diana’s famous engagement ring has been given to Prince William’s longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton … and this is strangely odd because the ring never belonged to William at all.

After Diana’s 1997 death, her sons Princes William and Harry were taken to Kensington -- the palace where Di resided -- by their father Prince Charles. Harry chose to take Di’s sapphire engagement ring as a memento of his mother; William took the Cartier watch she used to teach him how to tell time. Now, the ring graces the finger of Prince William’s fiancee (and the soon-to-be Princess of Wales).

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Bale of Hay Kills Former ELO Musician

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ELOA former member of the Electric Light Orchestra was killed Friday afternoon in southern England.

Mike Edwards, a cellist with ELO between 1972-1975, was driving in Devon when a giant bale of hay struck his van. The bale, which may have fallen from a nearby tractor, rolled down a hillside onto the road below.

After being hit by the 1300-pound object, Edwards may have swerved into another vehicle. The 62-year-old musician died at the scene.

According to the Daily Mirror, Mike chose to leave ELO—the group behind hits like “Don’t Bring Me Down” and “Mr. Blue Sky”—in order to become a Buddhist.

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US and England tie in World Cup Matchup

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World Cup US versus England Robert Green

The United States and England finished their World Cup match in a 1-1 tie, much to the joy of the US and its fans.  The English team were heavy favorites going into the matchup and rightly so, however, thanks to a save blunder by England goalkeeper Robert Green on a Clint Dempsey kick.  England captain Steven Gerrard scored the game’s first and England’s only goal early in the match, and despite some heavy pressure at times, the US and goalie Tim Howard staved off anymore goals.  England’s star and Manchester United member, Wayne Rooney was quiet throughout the match.  The United States plays Slovenia next in their Group C matchup on June 18th.  England plays Algeria the same day to give a clearer picture as to whom will advance from the group.

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A Christmas Carol Comes to London

Jim Carrey at London's Christmas Carol premiere

wouldn’t want to travel through time.

The Hollywood funnyman - who was in London’s Leicester Square last night for the world premiere of his latest film , based on the Charles Dickens story - has revealed he wouldn’t want to revisit his past or see into the future even if he had the chance.

“There are some important physicists who now are telling us that all time is happening only once. So I think now is a good time,” he said.

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Fans Upset by Steep Bon Jovi Prices

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Bon Jovi

has been blasted for “ludicrous” ticket prices for their London tour.

The “We Weren’t Born to Follow” rockers are set to play a string of dates at the city’s O2 Arena starting June 7, but fans are upset they will have to pay up to a staggering $2100 to see their idols.

General admission to the shows costs $73 for the cheapest seats, rising to $327, while the price of the highest-banded premium tickets has led angry fans to call for a boycott of the concerts.

One wrote on the group’s website: “I am going to stand up for what I believe in and use my earnings to feed my kids rather than lining some fat cat’s pockets.” Another added: “After writing an album about the world’s problems with the recession the prices are just a mockery.”

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