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Ann Arbor Installs LEDs

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech,

Ann ArborAnn Arbor, Michigan, always a town with the latest in tech, has decided to replace about 1,400 downtown street lights with LEDs. They claim to be the first for the conversion which they feel will save the town $100,000 a year, according to Mayor John Hieftje. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, widespread use could cut energy consumption in half. Considering that it only cost $630,000, we hope that other towns will follow suit for the same results.

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Tips for saving power on Linux

Posted by Sparky Categories: Internet, PC / Laptop, Software,

Most modern operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and by Apple, feature technology to turn off internal devices and manage power to be more environmentally friendly and squeeze every last drop of juice out of batteries on portable computers. Unfortunately many distributions don’t offer these features built in quite yet.

Enter Less Watts, a site dedicated to configuring Linux systems and machines to consume less power. Featuring tips and tricks for reducing power consumption in Linux, and links to a number of projects aimed at bringing these technologies to more and more distributions soon. The site looks to be fairly new, but has a great mailing list which looks like a great resource for anyone trying to reign in their power use on Linux boxes.

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Sanyo’s Solar Charger Saves Juice

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Storage,

Sanyo solar chargerWhile we’re on the subject of saving energy, Sanyo’s N-SC1S Solar Charger can recharge their eneloops in about 2.5 hours and also features a USB port, enabling you a DC 5V and 500mA output. Eneloops internal lithium ion batteries can be utilized on your iPod, cell phone, PSP, or MP3 player, although it will take an agonizing 6 days to reach a full charge. The Solar Charger was developed as a part of Sanyo’s ongoing “Evolution Project” and will be available in Japan in November for ¥20,000 (~$170.)

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